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  • spux900 spux900 May 2, 2013 10:15 AM Flag

    Obama Wins Again


    Unemployment down - Capital markets at records - home sales up - new markets opening -
    More new energy than both Bush's COMBINED.

    Like Clinton he has returned America to its leadership role.
    Right wingers -----------------he owns you.

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    • You forgot to mention more people fat as hoagues ! Eisai Belviq sales should be a blow out.

    • Want to know why unemployment is down? A large part of it is hourly wage earners being cut back from 40 hour weeks to 29 hours in order to avoid paying the high cost of Obamacare. This hurts the wage earners, but the businesses that do this ARE hiring more people since they still have the same number of man-hours to fill.

      The key will be what happens to the average worker's take home pay. I suspect we will see overall pay decrease as a result of these cuts in hours.

    • US financially failed Fall 2008 and not since then, Obama's true debt on US closer to $3 trillion by last election- rest goes to mistakes by his predecessors. To those who say Obama is Socialist doesn't seen to get that the rich are richer over the last 4 years, he stock market has recovered to all time record highs, trillions in US dollars still sit overseas in offshore accounts, not enough jobs have returned to US soil, while the poorer become even poorer. What has now been proven to be false is that trickle down economics, a GOP staple since Reagan administration, does not work. Btw not a Democrat & both parties guilty in screwing over the middle class who, despite ingenuity by business owners, actually are the wheel that runs American business, and yes we need to tackle US debt with combined spending cuts and responsible tax hikes for wealthy while also revamping the tax code starting with corporate levels being lowered to better compete globally. When we do this manufacturing will improve and 'Made in America' will become meaningful again.

      For 2012 election GOP offered no real plan of action or candidate in Romney, and needs to nominate an electable candidate with a real plan next time in 2016 or Dems & Hillary, etc. will win again by default.

      Obama under his personal Presidential circumstances is actually doing a commendable and responsible job in righting the US ship. Again think back to our mess from Fall 2008, the free fall in stock market, jobs, and housing? Our economy has for the most part stabilized and showing signs of improving from here

    • New market highs and Bush foreclosure - Tesla rockets

    • More people on food stamps, disability, hours cut, more part-time jobs with Obamacare coming, Fed keeping rates low to counteract his bad policies. Stocks are up and home sales creeping up only because of Fed action.

    • Stocks Hit All-Time Highs: S&P Breaks New Record Above 1,600, Dow Above 15,000

      APAn unexpectedly strong U.S. jobs report pushed stock markets higher on Friday as investors welcomed signs that the world's largest economy is not slowing down as quickly as some had feared.

    • More people out of work than ever in history. Bet you thought JFK was a good man and husband. Stupid people like you make life fun

    • The greatest president EVER

    • If you consider the nation being on the brink of imploding, then yeah he's doing a great job..
      Lets have a look at where the country is...
      Real unemployment at 15%
      Food stamp usage at 50 million americans
      25% of America living below the poverty line
      $17 TRILLION in debt
      $1.25 TRILLION annual deficit
      $124 TRILLION dollars in liabilities--The entire tax roll for the next 55 yrs already spent!

      You obviously aren't from planet earth...Even a 2 yr old can see he has bankrupted the nation, he has done it intentionally too, it's not a mistake, the NWO is going to collapse the entire house of cards within weeks, and you stupid liberals are responsible for it all...That little fiasco in Boston with martial law, that is coming nationwide!

    • What is truly FABULOUS about this post is that responses are predominantly against Obama Milhaus as should indeed be. The most inept empty suit since JAMMY CARTER. Comparing him to Clinton is also correct in that Clinton the pervert had the Newt lead Congress taking him to the woodshed kicking and screaming daily until he finally ceded resulting in the surplus you dem morons so love to cite. Just as Obama Milhaus ran up more debt increase in one term under the dem Pelosi Congress (and any grade schooler knows Congress controls the purse stings.) Add to that 100 years or primary dem party failed control handing us EVERY failed sytem and entitlement of today (i.e. Federal Reserve, SS/Medicare, Great Society welfare machine...etc. etc. etc.) and there you have the FACTS. The responses to this thread greatly confirm most folks (other than you die hard dem kool aid drinkers) are seeing through Obama and the dem leadership.) As for the stock market it's been in an upward trend since the aftermath ofthe Great Depression and boomers are 100% stock oriented. It has nothing to do with Obama at all and quite contrarily his policies have done much to devastate that upward trend.

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