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  • josephanastasiw josephanastasiw May 2, 2013 11:06 PM Flag

    Here come the ambulance chasing lawyers now!!

    How much do you want a bet that they will be looking for lead plantiffs before Monday stating that Arena management withheld information aboutr the CHMP decision and destroyed shareholder value when they released the news.

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    • I know but they pulled the application, bottom line no information was withheld. DEA just do your job! Growth and value will come quickly with a good launch and marketing plan! gltu and longs who have been here since around 2pps!

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      • Jack explained exactly why he pulled it. CHMP was not going to be satisfied with a few responses before they had to ender their decision so in lieu of receiving a possible delay or partial rejection letter, Jack pulled it and decided to give it some more thought. A few weeks ago, the board was saying that a positive CHMP was only worth a $0.50 pop, now with no formal response, it creates a 17% drop. Use your head people, shourts are trying to make this out to be a real BIG negative because they are running out of time. For those that are short over a million shares, thay just saved themselves a ,illion by manipulating the AH market with little shares and dropping the PPS by $1.49. They now are closer to their original price and are feeling better. They will start to buy back real slow so as not to stir up the longs. Wait until you hear all the downgrades come out tomorrow and Monday. There will be more negative articles that all say the same things biut they will be spun differently to make them sound like they are new. SA and MF will be out tomorrow before the market opens with their typical #$%$ to keep the price down so longs cannot control the market at the open and force the shorts to cover real fast. it will be fun to watch especially since the broader market will probably sell off close to 200 points tomorrow when the bad data gets released. Today was a head fake to sucker people back in so shorts can get an even bigger prize tomorrow. Bed time, ciao

    • smit3413 May 2, 2013 11:08 PM Flag

      Well, I am an attorney. What do you recommend I do here? ;)

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