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  • skyhawksailor skyhawksailor May 21, 2013 3:22 AM Flag

    What date can Arena put ADs on TV for Belviq?

    Does Arena have to wait till 7 June 2013 before they can actually start advertising Belviq on TV, or can they actually start the evening of the 6th? Doctors are closed and they can not prescribe Belviq till they open their office the next morning, so then the soonest someone could get a doctor to prescribe Belviq would be the next morning on the 7th.

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    • ensol May 21, 2013 3:34 PM Flag

      From PhRMA website - Ditect to Consumer Guiding Principle # 6

      In order to foster responsible communication between patients and health care professionals, companies should spend an appropriate amount of time to educate health professionals about a new medicine or a new therapeutic indication and to alert them to the upcoming advertising campaign before commencing the first DTCadvertising campaign. In determining what constitutes an appropriate time, companies should take into account the relative importance of informing patients of the availability of a new medicine, the complexity of the risk-benefit profile of
      that new medicine and health care professionals’ knowledge of the condition being treated. Companies are encouraged to consider individually setting specific periods of time, with or without exceptions, to educate health care professionals before launching a branded DTC television or print advertising campaign. Companies should continue to educate health care professionals as additional valid information about a new medicine is obtained from all reliable sources.

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      • Could Eisai have been communicating this information since last June with the FDA approval? To me I would think Eisai would have had their reps already showcasing the new drug when they went to visit a Doctor. They could have shown what Belviq could do, but just let them know they were waiting on the DEA.

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    • NEVER. That is Eisai's responsibility.

    • ,most likely june 7 why advertise and have to say wait till june 7 just start that day

    • Arena won't be puttind adds on the TV, in the magazines, in the news paper, or on web sites. They are not responsible for marketing this drug, Eisai is. All of that will come from Eisai, and they have a plan they are executing and I would not be surprised if we did not see any TV ads until we have a few before and after success stories to push.

    • Yes

    • We will absolutely not see direcct to consumer advertising (DTC) such as television ads in June. Google "Pharma guidelines and DTC "to read more about this topic. Eisai must first contact and educate physicians about the proper use of Belviq before they start a DTC campaign. This may take over a year before they would even consider TV ads. In the meantime, they will be advertising in the medical journals and through direct contact with the physicians offices. They have also set up a speakers bureau where, physicians will talk to other physicians about Belviq, over a meal.

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    • Legally they could have been marketing and selling Belviq before the DEA handed down the scheduling order.
      They have chosen - I am certain for liability reasons - to wait to sell Belviq until the scheduling order becomes effective. I see no reason why they could not advertise today. However, it may also be a marketing consideration not to advertise until Belviq they are ready to sell Belviq. Maybe they don't want people going to the doctor and asking about Belviq only to be told that the doc can't write a prescription until June 7. I think that makes sense. We want to be able to take immediate advantage of that initial spike in consumer interest that the ads will generate.

    • I don't know when they are allowed to begin advertising, but if you read some of the recent posts, some doctors are already writing prescrpitions that can be taken to the pharmacy on the 7th to be filled. Pretty exciting start to a very exciting kickoff.

      Good luck everybody. Things are about to get very interesting.


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