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  • jeremiahthirtythreeone jeremiahthirtythreeone May 31, 2013 12:04 AM Flag

    Rand Corporation Found That Wellness Programs Result in 1% Weight Loss In One Year Period

    This study was commissioned by the Obama Administration that was supposed to support the 30-50% increase in insurance premiums for obese people under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). In addition there will also be an increase in premiums of the same amount for smokers. What is interesting is that obesity and tobacco abuse are more common in the poorer segments of society.

    This is not a political message, it is just facts. I will not respond to any political rhetoric so please desist from doing so.

    I only provide this because it is important for investors in Belviq. It stresses that there is more needed to aid the obese patient in losing weight than exercise and diet alone. I believe the ACA will see the need for pharmacological treatment in the war against obesity.


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    • I read that piece as well. Employer's who offer gym membership to employees also was a failure. People who already went to the gym signed up and got a freebie. The majority of the employees did nothing, and are still fat, and out of shape. The hidden problem with Obamacare is the fact that Wellness Program participation from the providers will be required to maintain a lower premium for all that participate. Another level of oversight. Medicare is already getting very active to enroll in wellness programs. They want home visits on a frequent basis to monitor each patients compliance. I refuse home visits and the government spies intruding into my home. These wellness nurses are assigned, and they call me on a monthly basis asking health question? My health is between me and my doctor, and that is the only person I will discuss it with is my answer to the caller.

      Sorry Daniel, I got off on a tangent, but I agree with you. People need an aid other than diet and exercise, what we have now is not working for many, many people.

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