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  • sauve9s_master sauve9s_master Jun 10, 2013 11:22 PM Flag

    Right Wing Nut Cases

    Love guns and hate taxes but are the biggest cowards going
    Always ready to fight to last man if its somebody elses kid then refuse to pay for it like the punks they are

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    • Homosexuality is a choice. But in your case there isn't one. Hows that Sibian working out for ya?

    • Shouldn't you be at a gay pride rally sporting your finest freakshow outfit?

      Having a gerbil removed from your #$%$?

      Puffin on a peter?

      You know, typical daily liberal behavior...

    • gbieniasz1 Jun 11, 2013 12:39 AM Flag

      you gotta love when left wing morons come on here and make themselves look like idiots with no help from anyone else... priceless

    • Hey D_U_M_B_O dem did you forget Vietnam? 58,000 US soldiers dead, 3 million civilians plus 4 million more civilians as Khmer Rouge came in to clean house after NIXON ended it and pulled US out of JFK/LBJ bloodbath. Add to that dem D_U_N_C_E the US murder rate has averaged 38,000 to 46,000 annually consistently for decades. There were 4,800 US dead soldiers in Iraq making it a much safer place than the USA. Add to that Chicago the number one murder capital this year and CT the school bloodbath both have more gun laws on the books than all other cities. Your Lame Stream MSM (CNN, MSLSD, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS... never want to discuss the huge number of reported incidents each and every year where armed citizens thwart and often kill the whacko criminal thugs because they/you know armed citizens are preventing more crimes than armed criminals are getting away with. You dems are D_U_N_C_E_S overall and everything you think you know comes from Lame Stream MSM for they find your peon brains so easy to CONTROL! HA!! That's why we is here now with a community organizer as POTUS and dingleberry Hillary Billary being heralded as your next genius! HA!! I_D_I_O_T_S in m#$%$. Only moment of truth was choice of J_A-CK#$%$ #$%$ your party symbol (i.e. DONKEY if Yahoo censors that bad word.)

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