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  • sp500chartdotcom sp500chartdotcom Jun 14, 2013 9:57 AM Flag

    Maybe there are simply too many retail longs

    While I would love to think that retail longs would have the gonads to wait this out until sales data comes in, maybe that is just wishful thinking.

    Maybe, as has been the case in numerous stocks for decade after decade, retail is simply not as smart as the institutions. Maybe today is partly due to nothing more than the typical weak-hand retail long.

    So, the question is, are YOU going to act like a retail long or like an institutional long? Frankly, and this applies to myself as well, the fact that you are even reading this post is not indicative of a real long term investment outlook.

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    • they are unbeatable .. never sell or use stop loses

    • edimartino Jun 14, 2013 11:55 AM Flag

      sp holding a ton of shares for five years. The answer is I got nothin but time.

    • Sp500, it is time to start kicking and screaming. Most will not stomach this last kick in the gut. 2 weeks ago it touched 9.25 and most were looking for a run into launch. This did not happen like most good things that could happen with arena. All I know, I am happy as could be that I dumped half at 8.98 and the other half at 8.51. This stock might rock it come data time but people are fed up with the BS that comes with this stock. If a squeeze happens, I will try and jump on board early and take the ride. Sorry but this stock sucks beyond human belief. If it can go wrong with arena, IT WILL

    • Is it possible that we didn't make the cut for the Russel 2k this year and that's where this selling pressure is coming from? I'm not sure the dates they use, if they calculated it from 2--- 8$ or from somewhere in the 10's last year to 8 now. Should know by EOD today.

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    • It's the club sp500. The good ole boys club. Like the country club that is racist chauvinist where they sit around and massage each other's ego's and talk about their accomplishments all the while laughing at those they climbed over on in their way as they made it into the club. Retail shares are the ones they are after. Indiana spoke about the available shares to short are amplified as the Institutional Long position has made them available to the short Hedge Fund positions as they try to gain access through them to potentially the shares we own. 2 Million shares is less than 1% of the outstanding. Many of those shares are decoy trades. They have till the market they control now is out of their control. When that happens we will move up.

    • I bought this at a buck fifty and have been selling calls or puts against it for over a year. I have a negative cost basis on ARNA of a little less than ten bucks so I'm not ever selling my 20k shares. I will keep them indefinitely.

    • TRANSFERRANCE OF LONG SHARES FROM WEAK HANDS TO STRONGER HANDS........I GOT NO PROBLEM WITH THAT. LONG AND STRONG..........ADDED TODAY LOW 8's. . only way to beat hedgie manipulation is to buy more shares on notable dips, imo. do ur own thinking though. gl

    • It is not that retail is not as smart, it is they do not have the time or access to unlimited money resources's tactics can be done by writing articles and shorting around them articles. It only works when no big buyers step in and grab shares. As we have seen in recent filings that this has been taking place.

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    • I would venture to say that many longs here are NOT selling and in fact are adding on the dips. $8/$9 is normal trading range for Arena, and has been for almost a year now. With the EU out of the way for the time being, negative script counts should be the only thing that should cause a drop in the PPS. There are many more catalyst then negatives in my view or I would have second thoughts. If script counts are good, there is no telling how high Arena could go. There would be nothing negative left for the bashers/shorts to hold on to.

      I know there are people who are going to jump all over this statement. You can tell me about an agreement all you want with Eisia. There is a thing called a friendly buy-out! It would only make sense for them to, if sales are as good as they have already said would be!

    • I will wait for sales data in the next month or so. But only data from Arena or Easai.

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