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  • jost.privat Jun 21, 2013 1:03 PM Flag

    Scripts ok... We are up, ok... but...

    Why aren't we at 12????
    I mean, They said:
    -wait for the FDA - I did
    -wait for the DEA - I did
    -wait for the launch - I did
    -wait for the first numbers - I did

    I did waiting all the time. And I am still underwater...! Well, that sucks.
    Don't get me wrong, I still have faith in Arena's current and upcoming products. But the market seems not...
    Today we should be near 10, after that news... and we should overtake VVUS next week. But it won't happen...
    Tell me why! And don't tell me, the shorts, the MM or the Street is responsible...!


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    • jost.privat Jun 26, 2013 9:17 AM Flag

      WOW 23 Thumbs down for a simple question... Do we get 25 until the trading starts??

    • I held one stock for 20 years...went through several splits, sold some after - but on (big) buyout day, I made several million......not a bad wait. The stock was Time Warner.....
      Either learn patience, or you shouldn't be in the stock market of the 90s, stocks moved $25 in an hour (ipo)....which I played too, fast in/out but today is different.

    • In ARNA for almost five years now. You are expecting all the market forces to roll over and align with the stars in your universe. I own substantial shares from $1.25 / $1.52 / $2.27 / $3.45 / $4.25 and some at $6.20 / $9.38 / $7.10 / $8.48 / $8.05 / $7.48. Bought many times around these events, and at one point decided it was a risky bio-tech with huge market forces controlling the share prices around events. A very volatile ride with the end in sight, and always believed in the science, believed in the management, and their partner.....the reason's I have held, and the fact that obesity is a world mega problem with many dynamics. Clearly an investment opportunity going forward. Invest in the long haul, gather the patience you have lost, you did buy-in on the top side, making it difficult to average down when given the opportunity. Rest assured, people will be buying in at levels well above yours over the next 12 months. Easy for me to say now sitting on $4.94 average PPS. Aside from holding ARNA long, I have not done the same with any other stock investment I own that had this crazy trading pattern. It's still GUT CHECK time every trade day for many in your shoes.

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    • jost.privat Jun 26, 2013 2:35 AM Flag

      Too funny this board:

      If one writes something like: shorts are screwed, tomorrow we hit 9$, or even buyout, he get thumbs up as hell. But if one has a serious question, that does not fit into the candy-wonderland-world of some ppl, he gets thumbs down as hell, is a jackasz, moron, idiot whatever. Ppl like this make me sick. Go back to school and learn how to respect other ppl. To answer a few questions:

      No, my workspace is not near McDonalds. I work as a sales rep in Switzerland and one of my customers for analytical devices is Arena Pharmaceuticals in Zofingen, where I also live. Who is the idiot now?

      No, I am not a paid basher. I couldn't be happier than when I would see this stock on $30 or more!

      Yes, I was in before FDA, bout 2-3 days before... Go check the history. I bought my shares @10.82
      Maybe you see now, why I am concerned. But maybe you don't want to see it. It's easier to name ppl idiot, moron, paid basher or whatever, than think about it and give a good advice.


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      • 1 Reply to jost.privat
      • jost,

        Frustrating ride indeed. Who would of thought the PPS would go down after FDA approval? Personally, especially with small start-ups I seldom buy and hold early on. My investment strategy is more aggressive and not for the emotional types. When a stock has a lot of volatility I try to use that to my advantage. If the stock moves with the general market or sector, prediction becomes a lot easier. With Arena I would have taken my lumps and got out as soon as the PPS started sliding. Now however, is time to buy and hold. We are starting to see an upward sustainable trend line emerge and here is where we want to be if sales shine (and I have a high degree of confidence they will). A trailing stop loss is a traders best friend but I am not using any at the moment given volatility and don't want to be thrown out and miss a gap up to the new bottom. Despite games being played for position, the fundamentals are just too solid to ignore or dismiss. Best of luck to you, hang in there.

    • You can blame me. A 180-day 1-hour chart works best. Or use a 6-month 1-day if need be. On April 1, I wrote the following article, because I could not believe Arena moved in tandem with Vivus (then mostly going down):

      Should Anti-Obesity Drug Company Stocks Trade In Tandem?

      It is as if the market makers chose to mock me because shares flat-lined with exception of a few days excitement or a giant short attack. For most days, shares traded in a narrow band (7.90s to 8.30). Last week we were 8% above our 1-year low and ~44% off the YTD high.

      Now look at my article on MCP

      Is Molycorp Recovering From A Bad Case Of Reverse Conversions?

      IF (and this is an if because I cannot prove it) this is illegal use of a market maker's exception for shorting a stock and IF the reverse conversions are being used for the same purposes with Arena, I have bad news for you.
      On a percentage of daily volume, we have seen days when the Arena experienced as much as 22.7% RCs per day. Of the 40 or so days with RCs this year a good 16% experienced RCs in excess of 19% of the daily volume. Do they immediately short them? A few, but I think they save them for parties (bear raids). If I am correct, short-sellers are amassing shares early this week event.

      Do we have pedantic MMs? Maybe or maybe bad karma, but I have only seen us go above 8.30 a few times after I wrote about how anything under 8.30 is a good buy.

      It will go up and by a lot, but you must wait for the day shorts are replaced by big tutes.

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    • Anytime you want out all ya gotta do is hit the sell button -- plenty of buyers waitin in line for your shares !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Blame it on Jack. The buck stops dead on his desk. He is to be blamed for the lousy performance of the pps. Put Jack in the box and nail the coffin shut.

    • Well partner , you said you waited on FDA -- that means your in at 2 or 3 -- soooooo why underwater ?? You should be up 300 - 400 % -- leads me to believe your just another jackasz paid basher -- so go tell your hf boss that's terribly short to go screw himself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We ongs are in this for the long haul - you and your lies will not affect our positions at all -- if anything this kinda #$%$ just makes me mad enough to add some more bargin shares to my golden egg basket !!!!!!!!!! YOU SEE I REALLY HAVE BEEN WAITING SINCE BEFORE FDA -- AND I KNOW EXCATLY WHAT PPS WAS BEFORE THAT HAPPENED -- ANYONE ELSE THAT HAS BEEN IN THIS KNOWS TOO --- YOUR A FRAUD , PLAIN AND SIMPLE !!

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    • What you think is going to happen may be quite right, but it will almost always take longer than you think.

    • jost.privat Jun 21, 2013 1:51 PM Flag

      Finally, I start to see some light!

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