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  • liquidshares2010 liquidshares2010 Jun 25, 2013 12:12 AM Flag

    Dont Blame Cramer

    When push comes to shove he knows Qysmia aint never going to cut mustard. He sees the cash flow and how the AMA stepped up for Belviq days after launch. he saw how the congress is ready to make laws for insurance coverage, the distribution and of course Arena;s cash and pipeline positions. He knows shht from shinola and Belviq is the clear winner. So he has to man up and call it.

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    • Cramer represent traders who move in and out of stocks. The guy sucks and does talk out of one side and do another thing the other way. Several times he drags CEO's on the show to pump their company, boom three months later things go south. His advice on ARNA was in part correct over the last year if you were a trader, the stock was unpredictable, volatile, and often moved opposite good news trading events. Not a safe place for short term money. Longs figured it out with allot of patience and held, bought on the down cycle's and waited with a very rough ride along the way. I don't follow his advice, never trust the street.

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    • Re complaints about him we do not know why he was telling people not to buy Arena. If it was because of his contracts with hedge funds and how they were playing Arena he was doing people a service and those who pumped it were doing a disservice. Everything I have read about Belviq and Arena says buy, everything I have seen says only buy for a very long time out. Anyone who bet options or bought fundamentally low, but yet high for a short seller lost big time. Contrary to many arguments I see, I believe short sellers and those who play both sides ended up extremely well. Anyone who held onto a dream that historically x, y or z would happen lost. Thus, while I do not like what Cramer might call Cramer 1.0, Cramer 2.0 could have done some justice to investors concerning Arena. Could he have done more and hung his friends? That would have been nice, but they are his contacts that allow him to (sometimes?) tell people to buy shares of companies that hedge funds will let roll.
      Thus, when my speculation is not catching the wrath of one side, I will set myself up for catching the wrath of longs tomorrow.

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    • Perhaps so, but how many times did he _re-iterate_ his recommendation _not_ to buy ARNA?

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