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  • streetmartianx streetmartianx Jun 30, 2013 10:35 AM Flag

    Face it. To date Cramer and Street have been right.

    arna has been range bound for a year. meanwhile the market has skyrocketed. so those who have held have 0 to show ffor the past year. It will take very strong sales to break the stranglehold of the shorts. So Cramer and cronies are just taking a conservative approach to arna. and so far they have been correct.

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    • dead money ARNA dead money sell now and buy PPHM

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • 100% RIGHT....


    • If my memory serves well, this is the same ADAM had articles Pre-ADCOM, post ADCOM, Pre-FDA, Pre-DEA about ARNA and why ARNA will not get a positive nod from ADCOM, and FDA. Well, we know what happened. ADAM proved us that he did not know what he was talking about with regards to ARNA - ADCOM blessed, FDA approved, DEA Schedule 4, Belviq Sales kicked Q out of stadium. Is this the record of Cramer/Adam you brag about? Get a life....

      This is the same ADAM who was put on a notice by a law firm for mis-statements in his article and was instructed to stop that type of BS.

      Remember, when Cramer spent few seconds talking about ARNA on his lightening round - one day prior to IMS data and on the same day when someone threw out fabricated 6000 script numbers - next day IMS
      numbers were more than 65% from. The previous week but ARNA pulled back.

      In my opinion, Reasonable Risk did an outstanding job with his article and ADAM comes out swinging at him and trashing ARNA longs.

      Based on ADAM's past statements, predictions, etc on ARNA and other stocks - I go in a opposite direction and away from him. For me, it has been a proven strategy in a long run.

      Reiterating what I have been saying all along, I trust EISAI record and their judgement of believing in ARNA by entering into executed contract in 2010 when ARNA was shot down at the first ADCOM. Eisai not only delivered on its commitment per contract but continually investing in BELVIQ/ARNA in millions. EISAI knows drug business, knows marketing and has proven track record - positive that is and opposite of ADAM.

      Who would you trust -EISAI or CRAMER/ADAM?

      I trust EISAI....

    • charts_say_sell_u_dumb_azz charts_say_sell_u_dumb_azz Jul 2, 2013 11:13 AM Flag

      So true. Considering we're almost back to ADCOM ( $7.20) high level, The shorts have been making a killing on this stock. Hard to believe we hit the $13s on FDA approval, and yet have sank back to this disgraceful level

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      • Considering that most of the profits they have made goes to maintaining that 40 million trapped short position how is it that they have made a killing? Some have made money, but not those who got stuck a year ago. And when their initial positions collapse the rest of you will go down the drain with all your temporary profits just because you fail to realise you can't win on this play. Longs have all the time and patience in the world.

    • Get real. 44 million shares were short ARNA May 1st, 2012 ARNA closed at $2.34. They had every opportunity to cover but shorted more instead. Lol!

    • Well, if the players fighting against Arena (short interest) where not camped out on this stock, it is more than likely Mr. Cramer (whoever he is) would be wrong. What has transpired with this stock is an anomaly. Take care!

      Sentiment: This stock has been so easy to manipulate because retail is living up to its stereotype; emotional and amateurish (innocent).

    • ARNA is not range bound . It is a downhill racer

    • I'll get on Arena over C and a likes. I'm sitting back with a 3 year countdown to wealth. Go Arena!

    • If Cramer and A.F. were right all along about Arena there wouldn't be 40-50 million trapped shorts.

    • I have a huge tax reduction to show, I have a ton that is LTCG now, and plenty of other investments that have improved (even Microsoft, amazing! perhaps I'll sell it and buy more arna, because one of these will double in a year or less... )

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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