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  • ensol Jul 18, 2013 7:02 PM Flag

    PhRMA Guiding Principle # 6 - for those whining about no advertising yet

    Below is one of the principles that pharmaceutical companies are to adhere to with regard to direct to consumer advertising. Eisai is currently spending "an appropriate amount of time to educate health professionals about a new medicine."

    "In order to foster responsible communication between patients and health care professionals, companies should spend an appropriate amount of time to educate health professionals about a new medicine or a new therapeutic indication and to alert them to the upcoming advertising campaign before commencing the first DTC advertising campaign. In determining what constitutes an appropriate time, companies should take into account the relative importance of informing patients of the availability of a new medicine, the complexity of the risk-benefit profile of
    that new medicine and health care professionals’ knowledge of the condition being treated. Companies are encouraged to consider individually setting specific periods of time, with or without exceptions, to educate health care professionals before launching a branded DTC television or print advertising campaign. Companies should continue to educate health care professionals as additional valid information about a new medicine is obtained from all reliable sources."

    This is what the Eisai reps are doing now. This education process is being aided by the Obesity Forum's 2013 CME Meeting series that is on the road through October, as well as the recent ADA meeting. While many on this board may have no experience adhering to industry codes, these guiding principles are not something that can be ignored. Eisai knows they need to be able to document all their educative efforts before going directly to consumers.

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    • and you can't advertise if you're on a REMS.

    • matchpoint7 Jul 19, 2013 12:35 AM Flag

      Sounds like a majorly subjective procedure, at best.

    • Good point. I would bet that we won't see direct to consumer advertising until at least the holidays or maybe the new year. Could be good timing with everyone fattening up over the holidays and then wanting to lose weight for their new year's resolution. Maybe a super bowl commercial.....maybe I'm dreaming

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      • Yep, Eisai is probably putting together the DTC ads right now to run before and after the Holidays fat fighting campaigns that everyone runs. Eisai has experience, Eisai has a plan, Eisai knows what they are doing..........Just trust them, and stay off their back on the msg. board. Seems like everyone is an expert at telling the experts how to do their job.

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    • So, that means the customer who I spoke to earlier this week has to suffer until the whole medical establishment has heard of the drug for a year or two. This person is obese, diabetic, htn, probably dyslipidemic, bach aches and God knows what else. So, I have to do Eisai's job. The only reason I spoke to this person about it is that's he's doing a job for me. Gotta love the madness of life.

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      • ensol Jul 18, 2013 11:33 PM Flag

        You are not doing Eisai's job habana, you are taking on the role of societal educator. The responsible pharmaceutical companies like Eisai probably chafe at the advertising restrictions. But the rules exist for a reason. What if Company B wants to start running commercials for its more risky weight loss product before physicians adequately understand the risks associated with that product - physicians would be seeing patients asking for a drug which they could not prescribe in good conscience because of a lack of knowledge. Your customer is just lucky to know an Arena shareholder. Please keep doing the good educational work habana - it takes a village you know.

    • ensol Jul 18, 2013 7:28 PM Flag

      The website (phrma dot org) lists both Arena and Eisai as members, meaning they have commited to complying with the PhRMA "code." Heck, even the ethically-challenged Vivus signed on.

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