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  • hhabana2112 hhabana2112 Jul 20, 2013 2:15 PM Flag

    The Power of Marketing Ex: Cialis

    Cialis marketing has created the demand which allows this particular pharmacy I'm working at to stock $1250.97 of drug. This is our acquisition cost. Cialis of 4 strengths.

    The acq. cost of Belviq is 193.00 None in stock. Still waiting to dispense. If this particular pharmacy stocks $1250 of Cialis and no Belviq why do you think this is so? Easy answer. No demand.

    So tell me that marketing has NO EFFECT on drug sales? Some of you guys should run for politics because you're as hard headed and oblivious to facts as our politicians. I understand the "we want to get the word out", but there are ways to work around that with the website and targeted phsicians who are on board to prescribe.

    This week I informed a customerm, who is doing a job for me, regarding Belviq. I don't braodcast this medication. I'm not a prescriber, but would offer the info if someone asks. This person never heard of it. What a shame that this medication is out and folks don't know they have another option to treat their obesity and comorbidities.

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