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  • tiger_josef tiger_josef Jul 27, 2013 2:35 PM Flag

    My Progress on Belviq can now be found on the American Diabetes Association (ADA)

    The Type 2 Diabetes Forum


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    • the thread there turned into a #$%$ fest. LOL

      Tiger turned from someone whos out there to help awareness, to an advertising #$%$..

      the people there are just afraid someone new came into their forum and is going to tell them what to do..

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      • My two posts that were intended as Awarness are now deleted. I take it when they saw the 74% reduction in the insulin it threatened the Insulin Companies interests and I have a feeling that those forums are controlled by people who work for the Insulin Companies... That was a good test to see what that site was all about. If people want to be unaware of Alternative Treatments out there, it will only take some time when all these positive results will be realized and those people are going to remember my posts in a year or two from now, especially if we win the 2013 Galien Award.

        At least ~ 500 people read my posts. Most probably I will not post there again. If some want to hear about my progress, they can come to this board and read it.

    • brilliant!! I'd encourage a few other people to follow this example, especially if you have been doing as good a job as Tiger has with the data.. Faecbook is another venue

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    • great job

    • Tiger,
      I’m amazed at the results, I’m also going to revert to a comment I made a few weeks back in relation to the real threat Belviq poses to insulin manufactures.

      Worldwide insulin sales have quadrupled in the last decade to $15.4 billion, according to IMS Health. Novo, the world’s largest insulin maker, sold $7.1 billion of insulin last year in a hard-to-penetrate oligopoly that also includes Sanofi-aventis and Eli Lilly. The company’s overall sales ($11.25 billion; it also sells hemophilia drugs) were up 13% in 2010. They are projected to grow at an 8% to 10% clip for years to come. Its stock has quintupled in the last decade. Novo’s $64 billion market cap is bigger than biotech stalwart Amgen ($52 billion) and its rival Lilly ($39 billion).

      This may have a lot to do why Arena’s PPS is attacked on a daily bases, it’s not difficult to understand who will lose out when BELVIQ increases market share in the industry.

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    • Hi tiger

      Gratz on your amazing results both on weightloss and DM improvements. I read all your post like most here. I have a few questions if you dont mind. Do you have any idea if you save money due to less impulsspending of food/candy/soda and like? Did you ever try out any GLP-1 analogue(dont see them on your list)
      Again ty for sharing, it bennefits both investors, new investors and potential new patiens, there are millions out there with Type 2 DM who in time will benefit from belviq.

      nurse mmc

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      • heavykool,

        Ref. "Do you have any idea if you save money due to less impulsspending of food/candy/soda and like?"

        No I do not really, I never count my drinks. This would be too much, I do not think I need to do that. What is most important here is my health and not the money.

        Ref. "Did you ever try out any GLP-1 analogue(dont see them on your list)"

        I am not sure what a GLP-1 analogue is, I would have to research that.

    • Tiger,
      Fantastic results.. I am educating all my diabetic pts to talk to their doctor about Belviq...Those may benefit vastly from Belviq..Keep us updated on your progress please.
      Retail RPH

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    • Hi Tiger

      I just finished reading all of your posts and those of your critics. (there is always someone)....Excellent results to date.

      One item of note, a couple of new posters are bashing your post a bit stating "that you work for the company and a sales pitch is coming".. I think a quick rebuttal is in order, I would have done it for you but that is not my place.

      Take care my friend

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    • Thanks Tiger....Look forward to your Sunday Updates. Keep up the good work.

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    • Excerpt from the first post
      I started taking Belviq® on June 13, 2013 after the Drug was on the Market for few days. After ~ 6.5 weeks I have NO Negative Side effects whatsoever. The following is the current progress as of July 27, 2013

      Fasting Weight measured this AM = 232.2 Lbs from 250.8 Lbs on 06/13/13
      Total Weight Loss since starting Belviq® on 06/13/13 = -18.6 Lbs or -7.4%

      Starting BMI = 37.0 ........ Current BMI = 34.3

      Average Fasting Glucose Reduction to Date = -49 mg/dL from 164 mg/dL Base Line using 500mg in the AM and 1000 mg in the PM of Glumetza and 40 Units in the AM and 60 Units in the PM Humalog 75/25

      Starting Insulin on 06/13/13 = 40 units AM + 60 units PM = 100 units
      Today's insulin intake will be = 10 units AM + 16 units PM = 26 units
      Insulin Reduction to date = -74%

      My Last A1C reading on 06/04/2013 was 7.2% with all the medications. I averaged all four daily readings since 06/13/2013 and the average was 126.1 which equates to 6.01% using ACCU-CHECK Web Calculator. A more accurate reading will be taken on my next Endocrinologist Appointment on 09/20/2013 which I expect to be in the Low 6’s. ALL this and I am TAKING 74% LESS INSULIN right now. I am hoping to completely get off the insulin by the time my weight reaches ~ 210 Lbs.

      Holding steady at 8 minutes a day on the stationary bike
      Bowflex ~ 5 positions every other day using 30 Lbs each hand low resistance for upper and mid section strength.

      Based on my own experience as a T2DM patient. I STRONGLY recommend giving Belviq® a chance. It is an FDA approved weight loss Drug, a New Novel Drug and if you check the FDA Full Prescription Information you will find out that in the trials the A1C reduction was 0.90% compared to the Placebo Arm of 0.50% reduction indicating that the reduction was independent from the Weight Loss.

    • Good going!

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