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  • neweradispencery neweradispencery Aug 7, 2013 1:14 PM Flag

    New Arena Investor

    Hello Fellow Investors,

    This is my first post I am 30 years old from Los Angeles and I own a #$%$ dispencery with my uncle. My mother is over weight and started using belviq a few months ago and we have seen incredible results as she has lost over 20 pounds in 2 months on this drug. Me and my uncle are amazed at these results! This drug is no joke as my mother is diabetic and needed the medication. We have her also working out while taking belviq.
    Today me and my uncle bought over 10000 shares of arena and are 100% sure this is homerun straight to the bank for the money we spent. I notice a lot of bashing on this board and ignore the haters! Just have faith as we do in this incredible opportunity and everything will work itself out!

    Good Luck,
    New Era

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    • Do you own any #$%$ stocks also?

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    • Hi newer: You are probably too young to know this. But there were a lot of PhenFen clinics that opened up in its heyday. So raise some capital and start a Belviq clinic. It will make more money than your Pot clinic!

    • Smoke um if you got um. Good for you Mr pot head

    • Neweradispencery,

      Ref. " My mother is over weight and started using belviq a few months ago and we have seen incredible results as she has lost over 20 pounds in 2 months on this drug....This drug is no joke as my mother is diabetic and needed the medication. We have her also working out while taking belviq."

      Given that your mom is Diabetic, she needs to watch her Blood Glucose (BG) levels or readings very carefully because Belviq showed in the trials that it can reduce the A1C (3 months glocuse average) by 0.9% from a base of ~ 8.2% independent from the weight loss. This means that if she is on Insulin, she should consider reducing her Insulin intake if the BG readings is lower than 80 mg/dL, the safe range is 80 to 120. If the readings are too low say 40 mg/ should might easily faint which is also know as hypoglycemic reaction a more dangerous condition than hyperglycemia (i.e. fasting readings above 120).

      In my case, I am a T2 Diabetic and have been taking B for about 8 weeks, other than the 9% weight loss (~ 22 Lbs) , I was able to reduce my Insulin by 74% (used to take 100 units a day and now 24 units a day) furthermore I was able to reduce my Fasting Glucose readings from a base of ~160 mg/dL to about 110 mg/dL.

      Good luck to you and your mom and welcome aboard the ARNA train...

    • a 100% sure? I'm not 100% on anything in life, maybe he is smoking too much of the product.

    • Welcome to the Circus! :-) Just a few tips...

      Ignore User is your friend. There are many bashers and pumpers that can be irritating, just ignore them.
      IMS and Symphony numbers comes out on Friday of every week, they give prescription numbers for the previous week so can be crazy on those days.
      VVUS and OREX are two of our competitors, VVUS just announced earnings yesterday and they did not do well, we announced last week and did better than predicted. Too bad you didn't get in before Monday's rise but at least you are in now. Btw, you are at a lower price point than when I bought in but I'm long.
      Short term wise, I think this stock will bounce around 7.5 - 8 for a while. When numbers come out this Friday, I expect a gradual growth of between 5% - 8% in prescription numbers so shorts may jump on us a little, just hang tough and remember this is a long haul. VVUS is pretty much out of the game for now and OREX won't be in this market for at least 2014 so that gives ARNA a good year in my opinion of growth.

      I wish you well in your dispensary. While I was in CA this summer visiting family, I thought about getting a medical card for laughs. Didn't do it though. I was amazed at how many dispensaries and clubs there were. It is a shame that medical MJ is not legal in the rest of the US. Personally, I don't smoke myself but I do believe MJ is a good drug that has helped many of ill people like cancer patients. I'm sure more states will allow them in the future.

      Good luck on your investments.

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    • Stick around if you want to see new HIGHS.

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    • you do understand that belviq has the potential to stop the craving for drugs? especially marijuana? Did you know that one of the drugs in arena's pipeline is a painkiller, which has the potential to eradicate the marijuana use as a painkiller?

    • Ok---Welcome---you bought 0.80/share too late! but its still a deal at these prices. Sorry!



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    • Mary Jane gives you the munchies, unless you are a doctors you should see if you can make money on referrals otherwise, just write a prescription for all the obese MJ users. Be interesting to see who wins in the battle of the serotonin receptors, Belviq, or MJ.

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