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  • stockvadar stockvadar Aug 8, 2013 9:56 PM Flag

    The Statin Industry is under threat, and Belviq threatens their purse-strings! Stockvadar-educates

    Investors. It appears a good number here were unaware that statins are now being implicated as a cause of increased diabetes in women. Well kids, the statin truth is just starting to get told -- we wouldn't also be surprised if a good number of you are on statins -- too bad for your liver, let alone your blood sugar levels.

    Meanwhile, along comes Belviq. Big statin pharma that is in the back pocket of the EMA (the FDA got a lashing from the government about its own indiscretions) is going to do all they can to kill Belviq.

    Belviq is helping diabetics. Belviq is helping people with high cholesterol. Belviq is helping people with obesity. Belviq may also help with other disorders and/or addictive challenges like smoking. Belviq is in the bullseye of a lot of MAJOR PHARMAS that would gladly destroy Belviq, Arena, Eisai, and our other partners.

    Belviq is a statin threat. Now you've been told. Start reading up on statins causing diabetes and a good number of you are going to start thinking, 'Is that me?' Most likely it is. -SV

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    • "A study known as the JUPITER trial

      According to a report by ABC News2 :

      "... major discrepancies exists between the significant reductions in nonfatal stroke and heart attacks reported in the JUPITER trial and what has been found in other research ... 'The JUPITER data set appears biased,' [the researchers] wrote in conclusion."

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    • My doctor and I discussed statins a few months ago....he claims they really only prevent heart issues on about 3% of diabetics. Not worth taking the drug for the majority who are taking it. He discussed that it is the "Standard Treatment of Care", therefore Dr.'s put patients on the drug. After reviewing his research......I decided to go off statins, and he supported the decision.

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      • Steve: Well I am on statins, they lower my bad cholesterol greatly, I dont have diabetes, I dont have any adverse events taking it, and I am going to continue taking them. I think they increase my chance of staying alive longer! Whether they ultimately help me in the end is TBD! Everybody is different!



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    • doctorb339 Aug 8, 2013 11:39 PM Flag

      Exactly where did you get your medical degree? Statins are excellent drugs and have a place in combined therapy for a patient with mutilple co- morbidities; I suggest you go to medical school before you write such nonsense; Statins have several actions not related to lipid metabolism; Anti-inflammatory effects, endothelial enhancing action, anti-coagulation and nitrous oxide effects to name a few; Belviq is not a threat to statins period;



      PS, I think there are reports that Belviq grows hair but only on the left side of the body; ARNA is diligently working on an isomere and will combine this isomere with the parent compound to solve this unilateral hair growth problem;

    • Investors. Fact: losing weight (cause) will have a positive (effect) on cholesterol and diabetes. Modified and genetically altered food-streams combined with the sodium-fat enriched foods that add to food consumer cravings have finally gotten the AMA's attention (pressured by the government) to admit, it's not cholesterol and diabetes that's the problem -- it's obesity.

      Fact: People who lose weight improve their health. People who incorporate a healthy diet staying away from the mad science of our generation will improve their health.

      This is why Belviq is a real threat to the statin market because rather than treating the symptom (cholesterol), Belviq treats the first-cause disease (obesity). Scientists understand this cause and effect relationship and until the government cautioned the FDA panelists against the back-pocket big pharmas dictating their next move, new chemical entities like Belviq didn't stand a chance (just look at Europe).

      This is why Eisai is slogging it out a diabetic conventions. They are speaking directly to doctors hoping that among the many there will be a few who don't answer to the insurance companies and actually care about their patients.

      If you're on a statin, then you'd better start reading up. If you're on a statin and have diabetes, then you may soon join a class action lawsuit.

      Belviq, and Arena because of it, is why our Asian partners are becoming involved. Big money understands. -SV

    • It may be more prudent to buy ARNA out now that waste the dollars at trying to destroy it.

    • Statins aren;t going anywhere anytime soon. But you believe what you want to believe!


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