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  • sharonconl sharonconl Aug 19, 2013 3:29 PM Flag

    Time to buy


    Can you believe how cheap this is.

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    • coni, add more . Back up you assertion

    • Weekly options are 'on' for this week. Much better odds than going to Vegas! At the Arena Casino you are 100 per cent guaranteed to lose your money, where is their such a guarantee except at the wall street casino called Arena!

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    • I've said for some time this is dead money for the intermediate term. There is nothing on the horizon that will move the stock. Its very apparent that Eisai has taken the "slow" route to sales and sharing 200 reps isn't cutting it for the near term. Insurance is still an issue and Dr scripts are lagging due to hesitancy in prescribing the drug which translates to poor info being given to support the efficacy of the drug by Eisai reps. The DTC marketing campaign won't happen till at the earliest, winter, too much lag time. There are plenty of weight loss commercials plying the airways that don't work that people buy because they saw it on TV. Using the excuse they want the dr's trained and educated 1st is bull. Put it out there + force the dr's to do some DD on their own when their patients come in + ask for it. Then they won't have to "hurt" their feelings by telling them they're fat. That's also bull as my dr has told me in the past I needed to lose weight. If big pharma had this drug, they would have blitzed the market with 1000+ reps and hit DTC at the get go.
      Long term we'll be fine as the drug will gain traction despite the poor effort by Eisai + the BOD at ARNA by not pressuring Eisai. I think Eisai is moving slow so they won't have to make that big milestone payment based on a larger sales base. The pipe will also drive it long term along with other indications for B along with BelPhen.
      Till then it will drift lower, push through the 52 week low + may drop below 6 before we see any movement upward. Scripts will continue to plod along + force the drop in SP. Just need to ride it out. Still in just in case a BP group comes along + buys it.

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      • Another idiot with the slow roll sales BS! Mario go back to the video World since it is clear that you are a total loser in the real World. BP has been laying off reps stupida. You couldn't sell a piece of #$%$ to a toilet, yet talk big stupid talk about a subject matter you are totally clueless about.

        Stick to what you know and that is being a animated star of a video game. 200+ focused sales reps are better than 1000+ reps selling multiple products any day of the week and 50 times on Sunday.
        But you and other stupida's have no understanding of that concept. Why you probably suck at whatever it is you do. Certainly, not anything sales-related. Well one of the top 20 BP's does have this drug but your brain is so full of #$%$, you can't understand that factual piece of data.

        You also don't get that the FDA is the one holding the brakes on DTC, yet you keep sprouting that a BP would have done it from day one. No, the FDA would have kept them on hold for 4-6 months.

        So take your stupid talk, put your cap back on and get back into the Mario game since that is the only thing you are good for at all! Your comments are stupid your analysis sucks and you really suck most of all! ATAP!

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      • If its dead money than what do you care?

    • It is hard to believe especially being the DEA did what they set out to do and that the price stayed at 8. I'm surprised Eisai and Arena have not put up a lawsuit and investigation against not only the Dea but FDA as well. This was set up from the start as both knew that if they could delay long enough they would get this result. IMO the big boys do not want this to succeed as If this drug is all testimonials say it is then there is going to be alot of money taken out of the hands of BP but food chains as well as already existing diet plan companies like geeny craig and rest. BIG MONEY has alot at stake if Eisai can really show they can market it but IMO they have done a poor job thus far. How can they for a minute think they will get traction with 200 part time sales reps when 99% of doctors and patients still never heard of it ? Eisai needs to put thier money where thier mouth is or this will be a flop.

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      • The race is on as to whether mdqwert99 or Mario are the dumbest people alive! My money is on a tie between them. You no nothing about sales, marketing or the law. Sue the FDA and DEA for what stupida? You oughta be sued for just being plain stupid and probably ugly as well. You have the brainpower of a dead fly!

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      • I use to do contract work for the Gov't. I don't believe it was an intentional delay, so to speak, as much as how the Gov't normally ( which is really abnormally ) operates. They spend as much time doing internal tasks, such as upgrading equipment, office relocations, which all involves the union and settlement of disputes, than doing actual work. Each Dept. in an agency is given a budget for the year, if they don't spend it, they don't get the money next year. So they spend as much time on how do I spend the money games as on getting actual work done. A lot of things they do, like new carpet installations, new computer, telephone relocations and the like are very disruptive to actual work. Now consider if something you need done that involves more than one dept. within an Agency and you can begin to understand why they operate at a snails pace. I've seen them have union resolutions over one office being 1/2 inch larger than another and having seniority arguments on who gets what office. And of course they have to have dedicated staff on hand to do planning of details. It is all so amazing how they waste our tax dollars and time.

    • Most investors are all in and are just watching the manipulation as IMO was set into action around the last SA article and short shares were used to drive and hold the stock down in hopes of margin calls. I am not on margin but I hope that most are smart enough to stay off margin on this stock.

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    • Pump it sharon.

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