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  • dullharold dullharold Aug 23, 2013 3:49 PM Flag

    My two cents.


    I'd expected IMS to come in at 2995. This was merely an extrapolation of the linear week over week change in script numbers for the past 6 weeks. 3461 blows that trend away and is, as you already know, the best week so far. It makes no sense to me that Arena's stock price is down today. If someone would care to offer a cogent, non inflammatory, non insulting explanation, I'd appreciate it.

    On an off topic note concerning the 88 year old WWII vet in Spokane who fought and was wounded in the Pacific theater. President Obama's grandfather on his mother's side was white. Would it be unreasonable to expect the president to deplore on the national news the blatantly racist attack on a man who could have been his grandfather? Would it be unreasonable to expect the Rev Sharpton to condemn a racist murder? Don't worry about me. I'm not holding my breath.

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    • What about the 90 year old white women who was brutally raped by a 17 black man in Anderson Indiana? Where's AL

      What about the man in Oklahoma killed by a black man for the fun of it? Where's Jessie

      The media don't care, this doesn't create headlines. The media is the number 1 source for Racism today.

    • Do a web search for max pain theory. $7 is probably the point at which options players will lose the most money with today's expiration.

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      • there are no options - at least no naked ones, and thus no max pain for option writers. Most of those that you see are written against the "box" - securing the existing positions and generating a steady income. where you guys come up with your theories that there are sizable gambling option positions each week so that they have to keep the price down to inflict that pain? I believe the biggest pain is being suffered by the longs who initiated the position in the last 52 weeks, - like myself. This stock is acting weak, the scripts are nothing to write home about, there's the "Ole" supply and demand - no one is buying, but mostly selling. What the hell you people do spewing insanity here 24/7? this is so much simpler than all your theories and is not worth bickering and insults, at least not 24 hours a day for months and months.

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