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  • old_fat_and_tired old_fat_and_tired Aug 27, 2013 4:42 PM Flag

    LMAO ...... hope shorts took the chance to cover today

    3.7 M shares traded today while the market tanked and the short/basher types say it's dropping like a rock ...... "sell off" one posted ...... never pleased to see a red day but all things considered it could have been worse look at OREX (who knows why that stock is as high as it is anyway) and VVUS (who knows what's propping it up as well) today

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    • obviously with such low volume few if any covered my point is that this drop due to fear of the mideast may continue for a bit but will not take Arena down as the shorts would like you to believe ...... if you have a little spare change in the couch this is a good time to buy.... even if there is a disturbance military or otherwise any drop in pps will have nothing to do with Arena fundamentals or B sales rather just market fear .......

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Obiously the Icahn/Keating/Cramer-Milken criminal regime is playing the games with VVUS/OREX. PIPE has already been laid at Vivus which is known Milken/Icahn criminal move. They hoped to work ARNA as part of their plan propping up the fake science firms (VVUS/OREX) while simultaneously naked shorting the real science firm (ARNA) to their famous death spiral. Only problem they have is retail is not budging and won't. VVUS/OREX must also remember their plan involves taking profits following PIPE financing run ups then also naked shorting those pups in their famous death spiral moves. These folks are avowed criminals and the heat is on them big time. Not as easy as back in the Dendreon, Baldwin days when they just destroyed companies at their leisure making billions and hurting good companies and good long term investors. Folks are on to them now though.

    • Actually they are too stupid or too broke to do anything but watch their holes get deeper when Jack starts turning the screws for real in about a week.

    • yawwwnnnn ... same old die hard believers pumping the stock. NEWS FLASH, the shorts have been in control of this POS for months now.

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