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  • foretherun foretherun Aug 28, 2013 3:39 PM Flag

    Obama spewing more nonsense in DC now!

    As Obama addresses the crowd in DC today at the MLK 50 year ceremony he again fails to address the facts. He compares Blacks of today with Blacks of then failing totally to mentiona and/or address the horrific Black crime rate in the US taday. He states 'Blacks today can be proud of their Grand Parents that marched with MLK' yet fails to mention the Black thugs that beat someone's 93 year old WWII vet grandpa to death last week. He then says bi-racial couples today can relate to gay partners sharing the same discriminations yet does not mention bi-racial is heterosexual (as he inferred) and gay is homosexual. Beautiful children are born from bi-racial couples but gay couples remain consumed with anal/butt intercourse and V_a_g_inal licking perversions for sure. I implore Mr. Obama to check the big brown log in the toilet next time he dumps and therein easily confirm what that sphincture rectal area is obviously for and it ain't insertion of the weiner.Another empty non impressive speech by Obama who has not only abandoned the true strengths and history of our nation but overall disdains them. MLK would be ashamed and disgusted with the USA of today with Black unemployment under Obama higher than ever in our history and Black crime rampantly out of control. Yet dems will bewail Obama's greatness with now the pervert Clinton next to speek.

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