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  • go4itmen go4itmen Aug 30, 2013 8:13 AM Flag

    i am screwed...

    holding about 20k shares @ 8,30...loosing my shirt here, years os trading down to the drain, thank you shorts, you can drink my blood! are you happy now!? what do i do? anyone?

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    • plus when sp is at 12 or 15 bucks you will say what a bargin 8.30 was

    • what a cry baby! If you sell and think you will buy back at a cheaper price and be able to take a tax loss, cant do it..You would need to wait 30 days before you buy back for tax loss and then only 3k per year..Dont be a dummy, arna is a buy and hold and we are at the beginning...This is just what shortie wants you to feel..FUD

    • Here's my advice to you. If you are truly a long in this stock, here's what you need to do. On the next run up of 5% or more, sell the entire lot of shares and claim the tax loss. Then wait for a bear raid which happens quite often with this stock and repurchase at a lower price. When the stock rallies again about 5% sell again. Keep doing this for a few times until you have made all your losses back. Now you will have accomplished three things. 1. you have a loos to claim for 2013, 2. you have made up for all your losses if you play it right and 3. you will have a new lower cost basis going forward. If the stock does get back to the mid 8s or low 9s you will be ahead and more happy. The system works if you work the system! You know until the tutes gain more control the shorts will be manipulating this down even harder especially if the scripts start to get even better. They will want OUT with minimal losses before turning long themselves. Just take advantage of the situation in small block trades and fly under the radar on the MM momentum either way.

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      • Well good thought but you cant write all the losses off at once as an individual it is to large unless he trades within a corporation in which case he can use profits against losses to achieve a net capital gain /loss.
        The good news is he can write them off over the coming years
        Anyone not trading within a corp should open one you can do it on line for under $200

    • HAHAHHAA!!! Hangli love weak long crying!!! Music yo ears!!!!! Stupid ppl like you sell NOW then u becom smart!!! Sell wen 5 and cry more!!! Sell NOWNOWNOW!!!!!

      Script number lies!!
      DTC too long!!
      You scardy of short who gna win!!!

      If sell Tuesday u come to my billage China and I let you marry my sister!!
      But I dont want coward marry!!! Need strong person!! HAHAHHHAAAAAAA!!! sell now ladybug!!! Or you close mouth before eggroll mIne silence u quiet!!!!!

    • dont feel bad-i lost around 30 k last year after announcement- i was so new to the stock market that i didnt know that there is awhole industry making fortunes shorting ever jump in biotech- if you see a biotech stock go up pre-market-they short the #$%$ out of it every day

    • Outslde of pps, news on sales ls good and gettng better. Glow at end of tunnel. Next 30 days
      crut lal.

    • I would rather be an underwater long than a screwed short at 3.00. They are not getting out.

    • Sorry for your #$%$ poor decisions, but you have only one recourse left, and Ozzy Osbourne sang about it. Suicide is your only solution. You let your family down, and gambled a lot of money on the words of the petty and stupid Areniacs.

      Now, be a man, grab a pistol, and pop a cap in your mouth. Or, #$%$.

      Wine is fine but whiskey's quicker
      Suicide is slow with liquor
      Take a bottle, drown your sorrows
      Then it floods away tomorrows
      Away tomorrows

      Evil thoughts and evil doings
      Cold, alone; you hang in ruins
      Thought that you'd escape the reaper
      You can't escape the master keeper

      'Cause you feel life's unreal
      And you're living a lie
      Such a shame, who's to blame
      And you're wondering why
      Then you ask from your cask
      Is there life after birth
      What you sow can mean hell on this earth
      Hell on this earth

      Now you live inside that bottle
      The reaper's travelling at full throttle
      It's catching you but you don't see
      The reaper's you and the reaper is me

      Breaking laws, knocking doors
      But there's no one at home
      Made your bed, rest your head
      But you lie there and moan
      Where to hide, suicide is the only way out
      Don't you know what it's really about

      Wine is fine but whiskey's quicker
      Suicide is slow with liquor
      Take a bottle, drown your sorrows
      Then it floods away tomorrows

    • Take your head and stick it up your short jazz.

    • here is what I did, my average cost on 75k shares was 7.86 and I got tired of this not reacting positively so I sold 50k shares wednesday at 6.45 area took my loss and held the other 25k shares and not looking at them, if the stock goes back to 11 I will be profitable and be happy otherwise I kiss the 25k shares good bye and won't look at them except under dire situations.

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