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  • minchie89 minchie89 Aug 30, 2013 9:45 AM Flag

    Get out of the Market today before Syria War

    Next week is a short week an I FEEL that something or some bad news from Syria Chemical warfare will get this market moving down...
    I am selling everything I own (it only cost me $7 at Scottrade),

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Obama is not going to war. He is too worried about his approval numbers.

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      • No support anywhere in the world, politically or really from the public for doing anything other than watching a bunch of Middle East folks kill each other. We can;t save the Syrian children from the religious hordes there. The UN is a sham!

        As much as we would like to ride in and save the day (a US flaw), we should abstain!! Let the Saudis solve it! Or ya can listen to McCain and start another useless war! Then argue about who started it or looked the other way!

        The US should exibit leadership and stay out of this totally! There is no winning strategy for either Obama or republicans! The chemical weapons issues should have been solved many years ago when Syria refused to take part in their destruction. The Syrian people and Arabs in general need to solve this mess they created for themselves! I/we am not responsible for Muslum insanity disguised as religion!



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