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  • centurycom centurycom Sep 6, 2013 1:05 PM Flag

    What a coincidence....

    we get all these new bashers right after Vivus CEO quits. Now, who still doesn't believe all these dirty dealings in our S/P aren't tied to our competitor and its large investors? Now that Vivus retail investors are waking up to the shenanigans going on over there someone is afraid they will invest here as they exit there. Seems kind of obvious to me.

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    • I believe in the "dirty dealings" but I think that they are here because many of us, including myself, went to their board to rub it in. I just couldn't help myself!

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    • I agree that it's interesting that VVUS is 5 points higher than ARNA, but we really need better sales to go higher. Until then, we are at mercy of the shorts. Also, I think Spencer is doing an alright job on SA. I was only able to get supplier numbers for one day this week and to me it showed flatness or lower. Luckily, we had a few scripts ahead of last week. Start praying for better marketing so we can move this dead dog.

    • wwooooo

      more conspiracies. Adam, Cramer, DEA, FDA, VVUS, Consumer reports... all in it together to destroy ARNA. MmmHmmm.

      no wonder the stock price keeps going down. nobody wants to be in the same boat as the areniacs. Just kidding, we all know the stock continues to go down because it is currently overvalued and the stock market being the efficient mechanism that it is, continues to reflect that reality for all to see and make decisions with.

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      • Now if the stock jumps up to $8 next week, what theory will that fall under....your comments shows that you don't have a clue....just kidding.....

        People making statements about the stock being overvalued have no idea of what they are talking about! In order to know if the stock is undervalued or overvalued, we would have to know the real sales, we don't know that, we can guess at it but it is only a guess. We will have to wait for the next quarter and the quarter after that and the quarter after that until we get a better picture of valuation.

        Since the data from Buyinsdotnet shows a high percentage of those 65M shorted shares are underwater, it does behoove the shorts to keep the price moving downwards not because it has anything to do with value but more because their short positions are under water.

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      • Krion: "stock market being the efficient mechanism that it is" You have to be joking or ya have no sense at all! Who sold ya that bill of goods---the same guy sucking fees off your mutual funds!

        They call us Arniacs, but Mr market is schitzophrenic and bi-polar and manic-depresssive at the same time. it needs a giant tackle box of CNS medications--like a 50 lb bag!

        Arniacs are a little crazy and Mr Market is truly a totallly crazy psychiatric specimen! Sigmund would get aroused watching the antics of todays stock market!



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      • Read Deep Capture dude and know Cramer cited throughout as criminal along with Icahn/Keating... the Milken crime sydicate overall. It's hard to imagine USA citizens truly naive enough to not know yet Icahn is cited as some sort of icon genius when in reality he is a mob linked criminal just as Deep Capture thoroughly reveals. But then this is the same county that elected Obama twice so there you have it. And also read about Obama altering Stock Act 4/13 to allow insider trading for Congress and their partners in crime. Also read about Pelosi/Boehner both being cited for insider trading to which they replied 'it was only for our families and close friends.' Wow must be nice to have POTUS (or should I say community organizer) simplify and legalize your crimes. You sir are the naive one for indeed this is not conspiracy as you naively delineate but absolute notarized FACTS!

      • I guess you thought 2008 wasn't a conspiracy also. You don't think anyone took advantage of a situation to make it worse and for their profit. Wake up. Get your head out of the sand, because it exposes your #$%$ ets.

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