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  • stalyon52 stalyon52 Sep 6, 2013 4:05 PM Flag

    Belviq vs Qsymia script originators

    I am a long-time ARNA Longs and perhaps I should already know, but I don't, so I'm asking. It is my understanding that GP's and Family Physicians have not yet been fully-targeted by Eaisai reps, as only endicrinologists and other specialists have been contacted and educated about the Belviq. Since scripts comparisons are often/always made to Qsymia, can anyone comment if Q is similarly prescribed or is more wide open to all Physicians? Thanks, in advance, for thoughtful replies. Have a GREAT weekend and GLTA!

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    • ARNA and VVUS market to the same Dr's in general

    • Not exactly correct. Eisai targeted physicians that were known to be weight loss specialists, they did target endocrinologists and cardiologists but also targeted internists who also handle overweight/obese and diabetic patients.

      This month they have launch a series of Dinner/lectures where PCPs/Family Physicians are being invited to a dinner that also will feature one of the "Thought Leader" physicians that Eisai trained last month in Chicago.
      Dr. Vig is an example of the one the Doctor's that was trained. In addition, Eisai will have a 1200 sq ft exhibit in the Expo Hall at the upcoming AAFP Scientific Assembly in San Diego from Sept. 24th to the 28th. The physicians attending this event mainly practice Family medicine and are primarily PCPs.

      Any physician can prescribe Belviq just like any physician can prescribe Q. Basically Eisai has entered phase II of their sales launch and phase III will be DTC. My educated guess is that the FDA will release the brakes on Eisai and allow them to go full bore with a DTC campaign.

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      • When do you think the fda will give the go ahead, we sure do need it

      • Nice JD: What your saying sounds like a very subtle distinction between Qysmia and Belviq regarding physicians accessed, but that difference is a killer advantage Belviq over time! its because we got more special diabetes goodies!

        I agree on the phases too. Am sure DTC is being formulated, but people again must realize that the FDA approves all types of advertising before it gets used to ensure what being conveyed is accurate and not manipulating safety and efficacy or not reporting something that important for the public to see. The agency assumes most patient skip[ reading the package insert and opt out of education when pharmacists dispense the drug. Therefore the agency, controling content of advetising by default, controls to an extent when serious DTC takes place and starts! The FDA is always the decider---LOL!



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      • THANK YOU VERY MUCH, jd, for the excellent reply that is extremely informative. I sense that, although "any physician can prescribe Belviq just like any physician can prescribe Q"........since we are only in phase II, there are still a vast number of Doctors who know little or nothing about Belviq. We all hope what appears to be a slow, methodical launch will serve to be a bedrock foundation of knowlege and crediblity for Belviq in the Medical community that extends beyond the weight-loss specialists.

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