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  • drdoctor111 drdoctor111 Sep 11, 2013 1:53 PM Flag

    I bought more at 6.18.. here is why..

    It take 3.5% week over week sales to be profitable in 1 year for Belviq ,,see my other post with math)
    Profits from last ¼ = 41 million
    average expense run 24 million per ¼(over past year)
    In conference call they where in in talks..We get other deal like Taiwan.. maybe China… deals on either of our Phase 2 drugs…. ADP811 Temanogrel

    average expense will drop 2million dollar per ¼ …(Ildong is paying phase 2 A Temanogrel going on now..,Belviq cost will go down for supporting launch will go down.Partner doing next bel-phen testing)
    payment’s on this ¼
    900k get booked every ¼ from former milestone payment,,, so every ¼ we have 900K
    2 milion from Taiwan deal…
    +5 million ….. we have 3 more 500,000 milestones for other countries too plus Canada Brazil and Mexico = 1 million within 6 months
    +3 million Belviq milestone when approved in South Korea within 6 months,, (FYI Ildong pays up 45% to Arena for sales)
    +2 million…… We should be getting our 1st milestone payment from Ildong for Temanogrel… with-in the year (FYI good results from phase 1 testing,,u can read and research if wanted..)
    Unknow milestone for Taiwan 1 million to 500k is my guess,,,
    1 million in income from Siegfried AG drug over the next 4 ¼’s …. (also Siegfried AG drug sales increased by 12% not sure what drugs we produce for them but we could see increased sales numbers for them)
    1 million misc income ( (interest on investment,,,, grants for research govt and private .. )

    Add sales for Belviq… USA (100 million = 31 million in profits over next 3 ¼’s)
    Add Global sales for Belviq.. dependent on when countries come on line, (conservative 30 million = 6 million in profits…over next 4 ¼’s )

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