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  • youandicollide12 youandicollide12 Sep 17, 2013 4:16 PM Flag

    Folks, Read The Warning Label From The New Ad

    Now, good God. Why would anyone take this stuff? Honestly. I think exercise and just and dieting a tiny bit will get you better results. For that reason; my Dr has decided he could not prescribe Belviq in good conscious....

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    • so how much are JC paying you now lmao
      A Jenny Craig Rep Said They Will PAY Me To Try Them In Place of Belviq

      by youandicollide12•Sep 13, 2013 12:17 PMFlag

      Yes, I contacted a Jenny Craig Rep and while we were discussing what 'plan' I may start; I let her know about Belviq. She very sincerely told me that they would pay me if I tried them and put Belviq aside for now. She explained how it would work and how much I would save. First she took down the cost of a co-pay portion for Belviq and calculated it over 6 months. Then she showed me the 'diet plan' they would recommend for me. And, she wrote down how much of a rebate they would give me every month if I hit certain goals that she said were very easily attainable. They are not outlandish goals. The savings is big. For this reason I think you will see more people go this route and give up Belviq......

      Fyi JC is a lot more than Bel per month and fact is when you reach target if u go off you will get fat again I had a cousin that work for them and left because she felt guilty better try WW a much better org but they wont pay u and it sounds like Jenny is very worried about B if they are subsidizing u
      You guys forget what you wrote there is the past to use now. I wont embarrass u with some other ridiculous suspect blogs by you so GL with your fat especially the fat between your ears

      Ps if the goals are so easily attainable why not just diet and exercise like you say other should do repeatedly on your own. Are you weak do you lack will and or confidence in your self all these things are required to lose weight and keep it off
      Again I hope JC works but there is always BEL

    • As someone who has spent the last 30 years dieting, "exercise and just dieting a tiny bit" does not work.

    • serious ?? does your dr prescribe you any meds because if he is reading all the side effects he isn't prescribing you jack #$%$. Look at lipitors side effects. how about Tylenol?? get a grip and cover for goodness sake

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • It's funny, there was a period a while back that conventional wisdom was "if aspirin were discovered today, it would never be approved". Nowadays, it's a cardiovascular wonder drug, side effects or not.

    • Have you read the warning label on Tylenol lately?

    • Did your DR with a good conscious told you that YOU ARE AN IDIOT

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