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  • tiger_josef tiger_josef Sep 17, 2013 4:52 PM Flag

    My visit to my Endocrinologist will be this coming Friday 09/20 PM

    This coming weekend, I will post my blood test results taken on Saturday September 07, 2013 that would include the A1C, Cholesterol, , Triglyceride, Kidney function, etc. Will be asking for a copy of the 09/07/13 test results from my Endo this coming Friday including the prior blood test result ~ 6 months ago (prior to taking Belviq). The 09/07/13 blood test should be a good indication for the last 3 months on Belviq (started on 06/13/13).

    In the last Endo visit on 06/04/13, the A1C was 7.2% = 160 mg/dL three months average that includes all the peaks after all daily meals. Can't wait to find out how much lower my current A1C is for the last 3 months, looking forward to the current numbers including Cholesterol.

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    • Good job Tiger, I always look forward to your posts and enjoy the information that you provide as a very reliable source.

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    • Tiger really good the see your post I was a little bit concerned when you hadn’t posted with your update since Sept 1st.
      I’m looking forward to those Cholesterol, Triglyceride results here’s a guide.

      • Normal is less than 150.
      • Borderline-high is 150 to 199.
      • High is 200 to 499.
      • Very high is 500 or higher

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    • Expecting exciting news from you Tiger.......your doctor will be amazed as well.

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    • edimartino Sep 17, 2013 9:59 PM Flag

      Glad you are having good health results. To the others on ignore ESAD.

    • Thanks Tiger for sharing your personal information.....I have been waiting for the first true A1c results from an honest individual. Wishing you the best. John

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    • looking forward to the numbers and know you are moving steadily into a healthy life. Interesting how the drug gives you evidence that you can lose weight and encourages you to partake in what you could have done all along but didn't. Same effect with my SO. After she saw the results she eagerly engaged in things she gave up on in the past. Responders lose without diet and exercise. They lose more and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle when they do all three. Eisai is doing a great job of putting this in front of users through their believe program. Since you're engaging your endo pick his brain some as to his first impression of the drug's effect beyond weight loss and if he's added it to his arsenal of first line prescriptions for others. Also, if he views (or shares with) other endos accepting and using Belviq.

    • Will be looking forward to the results Tiger. Thanks for posting. It ought to be some awesome results for you based upon what you have been posting previously.

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