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  • omni1tsd omni1tsd Oct 3, 2013 2:13 PM Flag

    Won't hear on CNN/MSNBC/NBC/CBS/ABC Reid just refused to sign bill continuing vet benefits

    Now being reported Mcconnell sent bill to DO NOTHING SENATE to keep veteran's benefits in force and DINGY HARRY THE BODY REID REJECTED REFUSING TO NEGOTIATE. HEY DINGY THIS INDEED IS ABOUT ODUMMERCARE. We did not want it and you rammed it down our throats using the 51 vote BUDGET RECONCILATION PROCESS and now you are using the 51 VOTE CLOTURE process in the DO NOTHING SENATE TO KILL EVERYTHING THE HOUSE SENDS OVER. Now also being reported dems plan their ole trusty soon threatening our beloved elderly that they won't receive their benefit checks if the repubs won't see it dems way or the highway. These dems in power today are indeed dispicable human beings and remember they are the elitist. Under socialism the elite stay elite and the middle class carries the load. The dems are also lying about the fabulous turn out fo folks signing up for Odummercare and the MSM is as usual carrying their talking notes. Also being reported right now IRS can take funds right out of your bank accounts should you not sign up and/or not pay for Odummercare. Check it out for it's true. Folks this is our last stand to save this country from these elitists!

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