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  • gscgaryc gscgaryc Oct 4, 2013 12:06 PM Flag

    OT- Something VERY IMPORTANT That We're Learning from the Govt. Shutdown...

    just a thought but its early
    ... we are learning that there are LEGIONS of "Non-Essential" US government workers in the system.

    Now, we've been running Government Deficits of a $Trillion Dollars for years... and the federal reserve is running up it's balance sheet at the rate of a $Trillion a year as well. We are leaving a total financial DISASTER behind to saddle our Children's future with here in America.

    So, what I want to know is: Who are all of these "Non-Essential" workers, and who the heck HIRED them?
    Given the fiscal crisis inherent in these huge, huge deficits, can we really AFFORD to hire legions of non-essential workers?

    The highlight of this Government Shutdown is the magnitude by which it is exposing the huge amount of government waste that is so heavily larded onto the U.S. Government bureaucracy.

    Mr. Obama is saying we can't cut ANY government spending...

    ... yet it's AMAZING how functional the government actually IS... right NOW... after sending home all of those non-essential government workers!

    I run a couple of businesses, and if I hired a bunch of non-essential workers, I would be going BANKRUPT...

    ... just like the US Government is going bankrupt.

    I think we Annaly investors KNOW what's going to happen when the fed starts "unwinding" their balance sheet of treasuries and agencies... higher interest rates, and the same kind of "depressant" on the economy that paying down the national debt would cause... recession. We CAN'T keep spending like this... on "non-essential" government workers.

    Say what you want in reply to me, but you KNOW I'm RIGHT about what all this is leading to eventually.

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