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  • stockvadar stockvadar Nov 7, 2013 5:31 PM Flag

    Breaking Story! Arena brokering other deals! Did you see it? Stockvadar-sober

    Longs, Today's news REVEALED where Arena will have partnerships beyond Eisai, CY, and IlDong. How do I know? Look at the PR: it excludes-- Israel who might be Teva, Australia and New Zealand -- major news here! Arena is obviously wrapping up another deal or two, and they gave that information away in today's stellar announcement. Ponder with me, Who will get Israel, Australia and New Zealand? -sv

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    • APD deal in the works! -sv

    • saw that also, why exclude those if some further partners were not around the corner. GREAT JOB JACK

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Ralph, contacts are being made as I write that tomorrow there will be a short squeeze. Shorts have less than 2 hours to get out of here because this news and premarket CC is going to create upward chaos. -sv

      • Ralph did you also see they rescheduled CC to premarket tomorrow? Arena is shoving it up the rearends of shorts in premarket. Not only based on tonight's shocking revelation, but because Arena is going to release further news tomorrow-- such as 20mg Lorcaserin... to start. Arena is getting ready to shove it down shorts-throats.

        IMO, if I were short, and I'm not, I'd do the dirty dead of selling before 8pm EST tonight because tomorrow is going to be an EXPLOSIVE DAY.

        If you're a deep pocket out there, you'd be a genius to buy in AH's tonight because tomorrow the stock pops. -sv

      • Ralph, Jack's done a great job even though I sometimes jest. Arena has announced they've just gained the entire planet in a deal with Eisai minus CY, IlDong, and something juicy already on the table for Israel (possibly Teva) and Australia and New Zealand; I did investigative work on Australia and New Zealand months back and there's a paper trail that Arena has a secret-partner in the works.

        Think people. When you've got global coverage for you new drug, Belviq, and comments about "other indications" you've got a game-changer. -sv (I remain convinced that Arena will break $50/share next year. Shorts are crapppin' tonight.)

    • I would prefer an acquisition, but this is progress in that direction. It's not doing much for the share price yet.

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      • Bio, Doesn't matter at this point. Arena has tipped their hand that they have a lucrative deal(s) on the table for Israel, Australia, and New Zealand. That will mean more deal payments and it must be very close to being completed because Arena held back 3 very specific nations. By Arena remaining independent it will only drive the pps higher as Eisai brings Belviq into 1 nation after another nation. You don't get better than this and over the long-term it makes Arena a much better investment than just being bought out now. -sv

    • Eisai will run front rush into Europe! I like this. I this very much! -sv

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      • Not only do I like this very much, I saw the word "China"... so CY Biotech will stick to Taiwan. I also see Arena is being very open about Belviq being studied for (1) additional phen-combo, and (2) smoking cessation. GREAT MOVE! And another $60M RIGHT NOW! BOOYAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Arena is basically cash-flush and given the other pipeline drugs on the way, this isn't a $4 stock -- not even close to it.

        Whomever is writing, Shorts are in a fix. Boy, are you ever correct! -sv (Arena is a rocket ship for years to years to come.)

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