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  • qmingin qmingin Dec 20, 2013 3:55 PM Flag

    Will Eisai place television DTC in 2014?

    First quarter? and if not first quarter of 2014, what is your guess based on some pinpointed past given information as to which of the remaining three quarters, or if at all in 2014?

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    • Do you all remember late 2012 Eisai and arna where expecting dea scheduling in dec. of that year..They were very disappointed because weight loss occurs jan-june...Now they have had time to educate alot of docs, have added another 200 reps and have started dtc ads...The big push must be started in Jan/feb/march to get the most for the buck..Ad buys probably have been made already , months in advance to get the best deal...If eisai has not put together the ad campaign already for the diet months then we are sol....IMO Eisai has a very good ad company working with them to maximize the ad content and ad buys...Look for tv ads to start in jan, escalating into feb/march time frame...Eisai just cant give up these prime ad months for product push...Dec is not the time for Belviq, too much ad noise out there, but starting in Jan makes alot of sense

    • It's the ONLY logical business move! January is the traditional, historical time when the weight loss industry advertises. The 400 reps are now plowing the field with the Docs... DTC simply must happen in January.

    • Here's my guess: A few months ago a news segment about Belviq was shown on a number of network affiliated TV stations owned by the same media company. I think it was like 13 stations in different states. Often times when a large advertiser buys a block of TV spots (or newspaper ads) they negotiate that the media company provide a certain amount of editorial coverage (like news segments). Knowing that the initial sales force was concentrated in certain areas, and realizing the folly of advertising in markets where physicians have not been targeted by sales reps, it seems to me any TV advertising would start out in the same areas where the news segments were shown.


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      • Makes sense. They have to stick with their plans and so far they really have. As a shareholder, I do hope there are the plans for first quarter broadcasting on the DTC front without quiet gaps and months of emptiness. They have got to ramp up awareness, right now. I've asked too many people, including physicians about Belviq and quite frankly very few have heard of it. That's both bad (short term) and good news (longer term). The stakes are quite high in this critical launching period. The longer the two partners wait this out allowing supposed expert critics to manhandle and shape the public's perception (wrongly of course), the longer it is going to take to achieve significant traction with both the public and even, I believe, the physicians.

    • Two months ago Gary Palmer with Eisai said "We would see commercials sooner rather then later"

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      • pharma; correct & I posted link to that very article , interviewing gary palmer over a month ago, approx. I ultimately believe eisai knows far better than do I, how to effectively run a commercial rollout of a new drug. so, ultimately, I have faith that eisai will spend $$ to effectively educate usa population as to the word belviq & what it can do for people. faith has to be validated by eisai effective & timely actions w/r to belviq. so I am watching with faith in eisai and a dose of "show me some tv & internet ads" sooner than later type wariness. eisai retail s/h are tethered to eisai actions yet we own no stake in eisai.

    • no eisai should not utilize the current existing "exclusive right to do tv ads" for an fda approved obesity drug.
      eisai should waste this precious "exclusive time period" and wait until perhaps orex gets fda approval. THEN OREX/TAKEDA WITH BOATLOADS OF MONEY CAN INUNDATE THE COUNTRY WITH CONTRAVE TV ADS................ man,,,,,,,,,, something stinks about the lack of spending money by eisai on internet and tv ads. by the way..........virtually NO ONE IN AMERICA HAS EVER HEARD THE WORD BELVIQ. DONT U FOLKS THINK ITS TIME THAT EISAI EXPOSES AMERICANS TO THE WORD BELVIQ ?? THE MONEY SPENT WILL BE RETURNED TENFOLD TO EISAI. GEEZ

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      • furthermore,,,,,,i still have NOT encountered an belviq internet advertisements. every day im inundated with drugs being effectively advertised on the internet........BUT NO BELVIQ.
        and I happen to be looking out for these ads . most americans never heard the word belviq.
        EVEN if you folks have seen an belviq internet ad........they are certainly NOT EFFECTIVE because you run into these ads Once in a Blue Moon.......if u are lucky.
        whats up with that Eisai ? eyeballs need to see belviq ads REPETITIVELY......until the concept sinks in. once in a blue moon is a waste. gee willigers ! all this time with no effective advertising by eisai. who the heck subscribes to MAGAZINES ??? LOL

    • It would be better if Eisai will buy this company. Too much waiting for nothing.
      I just want to get my money back. The shorts are killing this company.

    • I think we will see TV ads in 2014. I figure maybe they'll give their new sales reps a month or two head start to visit with and educate more doctors. Don't really expect TV ads in the first quarter, but I'd love to see it.

    • Peak season for weight loss is Jan-Jun, it was posted on here from some research paper... So if they do not start the TV ads in the first quarter it seems to me that it would be a waste to put them up in second quarter when the seasonal slow down will start from July to Dec. If we don't see the big TV ad push I will be very disappointed, because again Eisai will be showing they do not understand what really needs to be done.

      I believe we will see the TV ads end of December going into the new year. Why? Because as a CEO or marketing manager I would be pushing for it and I believe there are a lot smarter people then I over there, that is why they have the job and I don't. If we can see it they should be able to see it as well. You would hope.

    • Havent seen anything on ths but it would be nice to start seeing some tv ads soon !! Just to add alittle pressure to the shorts ,lol

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Just rumors at this point. I would be surprised to see them that early.

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