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  • shas_elt shas_elt May 15, 2014 4:30 PM Flag

    Weight loss drugs offer promising solution for prediabetes compared with glucose-lowering methods

    excerpt LAS VEGAS — In looking at the population of patients classified as prediabetic, one expert here suggested that antiobesity medications may have a more preventive effect on the transition to overt diabetes than traditional antihyperglycemic drugs.

    The currently available antiobesity medications, such as lorcaserin (Belviq, Eisai) and toparimate (Topamax, Janssen), have shown a 10% reduction in weight loss, according to Garber, and this reduction could “essentially rid most patients of their prediabetic states and prevent their deterioration to overt diabetes.”

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    • FYI those prediabetics who took Q had no advancement to Type II diabetes. None

    • This is a great presentation. The presenter (Alan J. Garber, MD, chief medical editor for Endocrine Today ) goes on to say:

      “Strictly blood sugar lowering drugs ... will increasingly become passé as we develop more assertive ways of dealing with the underlying obesity that’s driving the deterioration to type 2 diabetes.”

      .......Forecasts a major paradigm shift in diabetes treatment IMO.


    • I'm a living proof that the above research is accurate except that in my case my weight loss is ~ 17.5% after 11 months on Belviq (bid = two pills a day), thank you....

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      • TJ;
        Quick question if you have a minute. Have you experimented with 1/day?
        Reason I ask is I had to drop to 1/day for a while to "stretch" out the supply when having "issues" with ins coverage, script denial by pharmacy, reschedule Dr appt for new script.

        Didn't notice much (if any) increase in appetite desire (Since starting B I have more issues with getting "up" to daily cal limits than staying under).

        I know 2 is prescribed dosage and rec by B and I've tried to locate documentation for the reasons "why" it's two but can't really find anything other than "because they say so (and that was the trial dose)".

        I did see a slowdown in weight loss/week but that coincided with having lost the first 20 (which historically has been pretty easy for me, after which it slows down. Returning to 2/day hasn't seemed to affect the rate.

        My understanding is that control of the "appetite desire" sensation is the primary purpose and there's not much else going on chemically (which is a good thing), is this correct or would adjusting dosage have other effects?

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