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  • lukb4ujump lukb4ujump Jul 7, 2014 10:27 AM Flag

    After a year of hearing how excited Jack is about Belviq and how well

    Eisai is doing. Getting to hear the I am cheap speech and don't like to spend money. I just don't get him selling on the eve of Eisais big re launch of Belviq. Today is the 7th and the Eisai has started their sales meetings and the motivational break outs and classes. They are going to be launching new initiatives and getting their sales staff pumped to take us to the next level.

    Selling half his position makes no sense what so ever to me. Even if he is being forced out or retiring, why would he sell half his stock after pointing out several times he has not been selling any of his shares. Even if he leaves he still believes in Belviq and the market potential for the drug he spent 10 years developing.

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    • This really is another serious IR failure. If IR is there to create shareholder value, why wasn't there some pre-announcement or explanation to help calm the markets and fend off the short attack? What does IR do at Arena?---Surely they are not meeting with institutions to promote the company....where is the VP of IR they were searching for? Large insider sales should be managed as part of an IR strategy IMO..

    • If only it was true that he is leaving it would be worth the price drop just to get rid of this 'disease'. People need to stop making excuses for this rapacious management team that have been able to #$%$ defeat from the jaws of victory at every turn. A competent management team conscious of their fiduciary duty to shareholders instead of being intent on lining their own pockets at their expenses, would not have let the 'rat issue' first derail FDA approval for two year, which caused shareholders to be diluted to the tune of 50%, and then continue to devour shareholder value by causing rejections by the EU, Swiss medic and now likely Canada, Mexico and Brazil. This is in compounding with the selection of the weakest of marketing partners that has managed to do no better than the rag tag VIVUS team in spite of Belviq being highly effective and without side effects (direct personal experience).
      Having said that, retail shareholders (who own the controlling interests and largest number of votes) have allowed the plundering to continue by refusing to relieve the crooks and the crony board of their duties by voting them out, and replacing them with a crew that is capable to extract the tremendous value embedded in the company's solid scientific assets.
      Stop making excuse for this team crooks, get angry and vote the bums out at the next opportunity to do so.

    • He probably thought the price would be nice on the day of a: "relaunch." Of course, it might all just be coincidence.

    • JL doesnt like to spend money? going from 22-25 million per Q up to 30 million per Q is a huge expense..Hes not a scientist, others who are, are the ones who developed belviq and now its Eisai doing the marketing and selling of belviq..JL is a poor manager and where the company is today it doesnt need JL at all..Company should be sold while there is value

    • ARE U SURE???? sales interest....could be another failure...

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      • Am I sure about what?

        Sales are not declining. IMS and Symphony both have been under reported since the very start so we won't know the real numbers until the quarterly report. Flat week over week or slightly down on their numbers does not really tell the real story but you know this already.

        I am sure they will be up significantly quarter over quarter and they will show a continued growth in scripts, doctors scripting and much better results then the studies indicated. We have now crossed over the 1 year on the market mark with no major events reported from Belviq users and we have had 10's of thousands of folks on it. That will give many doctors the confidence to allow their patients to try Belviq.

        Insurance coverage is increasing as well. While the progress has been painfully show we have still had regular progress on all fronts.

    • guess his 2.3 million options still available don't count as holdings...

    • JL and Possy turning around and buying this dip would be great. Sad but it isn't happening.

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