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  • bluelivermore bluelivermore Jul 22, 2006 4:29 PM Flag


    This new message board format sucks.It was obviously designed by some bored english majors,with way to much time on their hands.
    If your into 18th century english lit or something like that it might be great,or if you were doing term papers,but for stock info and commentary it just arcanely difficult to use and follow.As money people we are used to columns of numbers and ideas with a bottom line.The never ending thread of old stale info is useless to of negligable value at best.That personal profile stuff is just designed for lonely liberal arts majors,without a life plan or concept of what direction they are headed.Let's face it money people tend to be type A responsibles without a lot od credit card debt,who are not looking for someone to save them from themselves.
    Bizzare is the only way to describe the new message boards around stocks.I have complained to the Yahoo gods,of drivel,not that it will do any good.This new format reminds of AOL which just sucks,and maybe where this format originated.Direct to the point message board id where it is at in finance.It's like the oil basher earlier this month.We just all ignored those posts and went on with our regular posting which is great to know everyone on the board and ignore the nut cases,which is hard to do with this new format.Point is this new format favors dead hippie nut cases,that need to spout off intheir greeny world of backward thinking.Maybe they should move to Iran,with the rest of the backward nut cases and take their new format message boards with them.Even if that sounds a little exteme.

    By the way I like this volume,on DPTR,in a low volume market.