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  • alaninvestor alaninvestor Aug 3, 2010 1:20 PM Flag

    The $7 Billion question to ask youselves

    Gross Profit $24.40M (depreciation $ 28.76M) (Q1 2010)
    Depreciation/Amortization $28.76 M

    Depreciation :

    Definitions (2)1. A noncash expense that reduces the value of an asset as a result of wear and tear, age, or obsolescence. Most assets lose their value over time (in other words, they depreciate), and must be replaced once the end of their useful life is reached. There are several accounting methods that are used in order to write off an asset's depreciation cost over the period of its useful life. Because it is a non-cash expense, depreciation lowers the company's reported earnings while increasing free cash flow.

    check ..

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    • I think the new management will have a few tricks up his sleeve. I bet something is alluded to at the earnings meeting. I have been and will continue to hang tough with DPTR. Shorts have made money and made the right calls at the right times. I envy that. However, we are at a turning point. Shorts get out now or give back the money....your call. No one is saying that this will be an overnight recovery. It is already taken longer than expected. All I can say is strap yourselves in....the ride is just about to start.......