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  • marcelogsolari65 marcelogsolari65 Jul 7, 2010 6:29 PM Flag

    Why Opon is good news

    Reasons that will turn positive Delta future:

    # With Opon out the table the company has free hands to start or continue analizing strategic alternatives.

    # With Opon out we are starting a new management cycle,
    hoping they will be more dinamic and efective.

    # The energy sector and especially the natural gas field is becaming very hot, they start this new cycle with a very good MOMENTUM, where M&A are very hot and big companies are looking for valuable natural gas assets.

    # The high expectations around the Opon deal finally reach a point. From tomorrow we are going to focus in bigger strategics alternatives involving more than just a portion of the Vega region. We can expect "big deals" as Joe posted today. Following big changes we could expect "big deals".

    # Finally, I think that Deltas assets are one of the hotest at this moment. They have those important resources to be exploited. They need to find the best way to capitalize that value.


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    • Good post marcelo.
      Thank you

    • Assets
      I have been holding this for quite a while and I wonder what those asstes are really worth!
      Last time around some of us came to just less than $1 billion, but do you care to have a more recent guess?
      There are lots of companies who got out of similar situation by selling part of assets to reduce debt and finance drilling. I have held and made loads of money on quite a few, but I just don´t understand why DPTR with a sophisticated investor like KK can´t manage to get a deal done!
      Any objective feedback would be highly appreciated.

    • Yes Marcel I agree, however they need to reach out a little further and change the chemistry of the company. They cannot continue the way they have, they must send some natural gas down the Enterprise Pipeline or they will find themselves in a world of hurt as per their contract with Enterprise. Maybe Williams or Occidental would be a good fit but DPTR has to increase its Vega production