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  • netprophecy2 netprophecy2 Aug 24, 2004 7:46 PM Flag

    in fact

    come on now. the research is current. the facts are the facts.

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    • ...Need to read what you cite netprophecy2.
      The first site your referred us to were five articles on CFS..from 1989...1993...1997...1998...and 2003..the latest being the Kansas four year study on CFS.

      Let's look at that one. 800,000 people in the US thought to have CFS each year with only 20% accurately diagnosed. That's still 160,000 accurately diagnosed CFS patients per year where there is currently NO treatment. Say we get 30% of that market or 48,000 patients per year. Now here's the fun part...At a cost to treat of $1,000 per patient per year (which is a joke) we would take in gross 48,000,000 per year in sales. But $10,000 per year per patient would be more like it so try $480,000,000 in revenues. Let's say only 15% of the dignosed CFS patients use Ampligen.
      That's 24,000 patients at $1,000 per patient is $24,000,000 per year and at $10,000 per patient that's $240,000,000 per year.

      So your point is again what???

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