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  • mellenium_wind mellenium_wind Mar 22, 2006 12:14 PM Flag

    A Sure Sign....

    A sure sign HEB must be a bad investment.

    Posters from the HEB board are invading other boards in mass, spewing information like...

    5 new bird flew cases found in (insert location). Bird flew to create panic soon. HEB up 8% in last three months. Bird flew being ignored. Ect. Ect. Ect.

    Completely off topic, using bird flew esch aliases, all trying to funnel hype into this stock.

    Pump, pump, pump, looking for new investors just like a pyramid scheme. Last one out is holding a bag of crap.

    You attack anyone who expresses a slightly negative opinion on HEB as a short or someone who is looking for a voice of reason.

    You have no legitimate reasons to price the stock where it is, only speculation, but all the same your hoping that a buying panic will lead to profits before the balloon pops.

    Stay off legitimate boards, we don't care about your holy grail search for the next 10 bagger stock, or your pump and dump techniques.

    I'd gladly do the same, but you started this crap, so don't get pissed about someone calling you out.

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