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  • netprophecy2 netprophecy2 May 3, 2006 9:35 PM Flag

    How Many People...

    call the company and ask. she said she was approved for an experimental drug. it is available on a cost recovery basis.

    as for all the sturm and drang. the information is all public. heb is a known story. yet the stock trades for the same price as it did many years ago.

    the tiny press release today has almost nothing to do with the final results. it included maybe 1% of the data. after two years, in a very simple study, there should be better handling of the situation.

    this is not how drug stocks typically react to such events. so something is wrong. unless you feel that the street somehow overlooked heb.

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    • >>call the company and ask. she said she was approved for an experimental drug.<<

      Of course I know a patient can enroll in the research program, BUT---you ask somebody if they are on it, because "they can buy it", like all they need to do is call their Doctor---well they can't do that. They need to jump through a few hoops--and most people, understandably, wont' do that.

      The pathetic point you are making is that this poor person afflicted with CFS isn't doing their homework by not taking ampligen, so they don't know as much as you.

      Your common sense got left in a french-frier and its cooked.

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