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  • yahoo yahoo Jul 18, 2006 9:24 AM Flag

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    • Gcel,

      Let me be very clear on this :

      I didn't organise a voting contest last time and I didn't send out letters to shareholders to ask them to vote. The only thing what I was doing is telling what I was doing and that was voting against Carter.

      If you want to organise a voting contest or proxy fight you need to file a form 13D with the SEC and have legal support which costs lots of money.

      I know at that time lots of people voted against Carter and unfortunately at this years AM lots of people decided not to vote.

      The results of that immobility can be seen and it will get only worse with Carter.

      The only thing investors can do is to write a letter to the board of directors and to ask for the resignation of the CEO stating their name, bank and the number of shares they do have.

      I have and I am still considering an SEC complaint against Carter & Etheridge. I have a strong belief at some points they violated SEC rules. More I cannot say about this subject.


    • AML,

      How many shares could you get behind you the previous time you voted against Carter ?
      You recruited your investor base mainly in Belgium, perhaps that was your mistake.(not large enough)

      You should ask, who were the big guys still on the same side of Carter.
      Do you have some insight ? (I heard some of the largest shareholders were private hong kong based asian investors)

      If you want a change you need to get these guys behind you. Carter has only a minority of the shares.
      He probably has a blocking vote but pressure from the big investors would at least move things in the proper direction.

      From the legal point of view you should perhaps ask a couple of additional questions. Who are those private investors that brought new money on the table? Why did the current large shareholders not oppose such a dillution (Why did they vote in favor for it ?)
      Do you consider a SEC investigation ?


    • Somebody LOVES ME!

      Tony Mack
      Hemispherx Shareholder,
      Reno, Nevada

    • Many individuals tried to talk and reason with Carter and I see you as the most active one. I just wish the conversations were done in public. It's easy for Carter to bail out on what he may have said or may not have said. It's never gonna be his fault.
      The many press releases full of promises, have we ever had the chance to talk it over with him and the board? Some of us probably did but what good did it do?
      Wall Street wants to hear it. We need to make recommendations, we need to guide him.
      A lawsuit might help.
      That's the hard way. Which I'm not saying no to.

    • ...Where do I find this? If that was in fact represented only a short time ago by HEB I'll be talking to my attorneys very soon. People in this latest private placement may well be giving those units back to the company sooner then they ever expected. I am totally pissed now.....

    • Your sympathy with Carter just costed us 1 dollar or about 30% of prices a few weeks ago.

      Is it possible I can send the invoice for the difference in price to you? Apparently you aren't getting it!


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