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  • paterleman paterleman Mar 4, 2007 6:54 AM Flag

    Class Action

    After having contacted IR multiple times, after having waited for nearly 2 years for information on the NDA, after years of lying by Dr. Carter, I contacted my lawyer and we're considering to file a Class Action.
    Enough is enough.

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    • of course your lawyer thinks its a great idea

      he will take your money -- no problem!!!!!!!

      bunch of morons

      HEB is finally tsking action rather than publishing PRs and the shorts are trying to turn this into fraud.

      HEB has decided to wait until the FDA accepts the NDA before making an announcement--period--end of story. I have had many phone calls with HEB and I am satisfied with this answer.

    • 21 years ago today I ran the LA Marathon (3:55:55). Six weeks later I had CFS. For the last 15 years I have been hearing Carter spout off about his miracle drug, Ampligen, being a significant treatment for CFS. I am tired of it.

      Whatever is done to expose this fraud and end it is GREATLY appreciated by me. I do not want to Google CFS in the news section and see another pointless HEB press release. HEB's bogus press release muddy the waters for those that are really looking for promising future treatments. (Hoping the recent trials with an anti-viral at Stanford turn out well.)

      Thanks and good luck.

    • What's going on is that you and other longs are complete suckers. You simply saw things like "Phase III trials" and "anticipated NDA filing" and a low stock price and figured you were a genius by jumping in.

      However, it has been obvious for many years that there was nothing here but smoke and mirrors. In fact, there is no other biotech in the world --- literally, not one other biotech --- that has generated such a huge body of evidence *AGAINST* it as HEB.

      There were bright neon signs flashing, "Don't go there!!!!!" And lengthy, logical explanations about why it is nothing but a abyss generating money for insiders. And yet all the while, you arrogant creeps dismissed the warnings. Think of all the venom that was directed on this board against Asensio. Think of the things that were said about him for making his case against the company and its supposed "science".

      And now look at yourselves. You are using words like "lying" to describe HEB management. Sorry, but I have no sympathy for you. And if I were on a jury, I'd be tempted to ignore whatever Carter did and make you live with your own hubris and stupidity. You put on your blinders and over-confidently sunk your money into something that was obviously a POS.

      And now you want to sue?

      Sue yourselves for reckless idiocy.

    • Count me in (25,000) shares. If its not all BS, then they need to communicate with the shareholders whats going on.

    • I'm IN

    • finally. someone with balls.

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