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  • yesnojoe yesnojoe Jan 12, 2009 10:33 AM Flag

    How The HEB Ampligen Scam Works

    >> WELL, what do you have to say in response to mellenium's post jonjonfuk and company???<<

    I think you are an idiot.

    "30 year old drug" -- big deal. It is drugs we are talking about here. It is next to impossible for a small company to get drugs developed and approved. Anywho invests in small biopharmas knows this. So it ends up being a cheap-shot against any biopharma you want to target for negative posts. It takes $500,000,000 to $1,000,000,000 for a drug to go from development to market. Those type of funds are not readily available to any business the size of HEB.

    "including, but certainly not limited to various cancers, AIDS, SARS, west nile, avian flu, and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)"
    serious dumbass post--all these conditions are currently under testing by independent labs in one form or another right now. (not SARS) nobody on this board talks about West Nile because it is a bit far off, BUT IF Ampligen shows the same results for West Nile as CFS and bird-flue, Ampligen will become a household name.

    wind (like you is full of hot air) post anything you want, because ALL your posts leave important information out, like this:

    >>We know Ampligen works very well and has even been something of a lifesaver for some patients. Federal advisory committee (CFSAC) members were recently treated to impassioned testimony from a father with CFS and his wife regarding his decline after he had to stop Ampligen. Annette Whittemore’s daughter and Mary Schweitzer are two prominent figures who’ve benefited greatly from Ampligen.<<

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