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  • macrocosmonaut macrocosmonaut Apr 30, 2009 1:54 PM Flag


    Thanks for the info - it is very interesting, because the map shows 24 cases of swine flu has been confirmed and 8 deaths occured at Mexiko - this means the real mortality rate of the new A/Mexiko/H1N1-Virus is propably nearly 30%!!!!???

    The case numbers at other countries at present to low in order to say which mortality rate we will now have. At the US the mortality rate is around 1 or 2% - propably a fake by officials in order to save public live.

    The 30% mortality in this map at Mexico in confirmed cases is alarming.

    This will be a very high risk pandemic virus.


    Do your own due dilligence.


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    • Look, the mortality rate in Mexico is higher because that's where the epidemic originated and when it began it took a while to diagnose and in the meantime some of the unfortunate people who were the first to get it died.

      By the time it got to America we had a much better idea of what we were dealing with and so the mortality rate dropped way off. Simple as that. Tin-foil-hattery on the subject is neither necessary, nor, in my book, welcome.

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