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  • Jettababe18 Jettababe18 Jun 6, 2009 7:51 PM Flag

    Hemispherx Builds False Hope on Old Data

    I emailed Adam and responded with if he is wrong about HEB that he'll quit his job and never write another article.

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    • Can not imagine the guy lying like that in his article. Looking at the volume and the sell off, I'm not the only one protecting their investment. If he's a liar then the Company has to prove him wrong. Adam has created a lack of sureness of an alleged fact that HEB is building false hope on old data. His writing should be objective and impartial and not for improper reasons. I don't see anything in his prior writings suggesting otherwise. I should have done my homework before jumping in but this time around I did more digging. Good luck with you investment.

    • I'm pissed because I was up $12k and ended up taking a $7.8k profit. I bought back in with 1,500 shares this is to risky. Bought 20,000 of NEPH June 12 or 15 is there FDA decision. The way to at these stocks is to load up and sell your position into the decesion date. I feel HEB is big scam and the FDA is involve on it. Imo

    • And how far did that get you? hahaha

    • david.rydzewski Jun 6, 2009 7:51 PM Flag

      A letter posted on the web as early as Monday pre-market with copies sent to all major news networks worldwide in which investors will be taking on the SEC, FTC and the Office of the President challenging them to reply. It will cover possible stock manipulation and back door disbursement of profits, specific to recent activity of The and its contributors, namely Adam Feuerstein who was instrumental in using public media and the internet to transmit false reports on several Bio stocks. It should be known that price drop and hedge fund purchases mysteriously coincided with the drops and immediately followed the post articles on The website. Specific to the demand for a public reply is as follows: Why did monitoring agencies question the CEO of Hemispherx Bio (HEB) about the sudden rise in stock price 8 days ago, while when the stock experienced a loss at greater than that rise rate, did not question the "reporter" at The as to their involvement in possible short selling, hedge fund involvement and price manipulation. Ironically Jim Cramer has recently begun a formal "short selling" petition that he publicly touted on his Mad Money CNBC show. Is this a ploy to mask his own activity and those of his financial circles to hide behind? ( see video for reference The clips seemed to strike a sour tone to CNBC and many of the clips were removed. Is CNBC actively aware of background manipulation tactics used by The Street and many who are within their circles? Could it be very possible that stock manipulation goes further than the halls of wall street and those involved were able to get embedded deep into the SEC and FTC so that only the privileged who hide behind the “Freedom of Speech" clause can avoid prosecution? It is time that the oval office become more aware of issues that go further than the political sectors and begin cleaning house where it's needed. I say, yes, Mr. President, I will challenge you as well to reply to me via this board. Your platform is change; I myself voted for you and have no fear of making that public. I too see the future as one that requires change, and not only from the bottom up but also from the top down. My goal on Monday will be to make these challenges very public in whatever means it takes to achieve it. If it means that entities and individuals and The become the pinnacle of an in-depth investigation, so be it. It is owed to the American people for the President to become responsive to issues that make a difference to all people in America, regardless of class, celebrity status, or political affiliation. To this end, I will see that this exercise does not fall on deaf ears and mark my words, these events will be investigated and should Adam Feuerstein or Mr. Cramer be found guilty of any charges on a federal level it would be incumbent on all who have experienced financial losses to bring charges against these same individuals and the vehicles of media they are employed by, specifically NBC, GE (Owner of NBC and its affiliates. This notion is made on the basis that enough posts were made on this and other financial boards to make it so that CNBC and other management of NBC affiliated media sources were apprised of possible illegal movement within their organization and if it was not addressed or can be proved to have been addressed, that NBC and its owners and affiliates will be held liable for the compensation of all losses to shareholders and be held accountable for and not limited to criminal and civil penalties.

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