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  • thisismyself Jul 28, 2009 1:22 PM Flag

    Criminals may be BLOCKED by SEC from shorting tomorrow! LINK

    The SEC rule says that the morning of the 4th business day after coutnerfeit shares are sold short, they MUST be covered. If not, the criminals can no longer short the stock:

    Today is the 4th busienss day after wednesday's 43M volume day, the 2nd biggest in months, maybe ever. I think it's reasonable to believe that it probably likely that counterfeit shares were sold on wednesday July 22.

    Question is, will teh SEC enforce it? I believe they may, not baed on their years of non enforcement, but based on the fact teh REG sho list has dwindled by something like 80-90%, maybe more.

    If counterfeit shares were sold wednesday, I doubt criminals met the deadline today based on the relatively low volume and lack of price rise on the a punishment, perhaps starting tomorrow they will no longer be able to short (until the covering occurs). I say tomorrow, because a lack of compliance with the law may not be noticed until after the end of trading day today, which may effect the penalty starting tomorrow.

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