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  • jonjonson4321 jonjonson4321 Oct 9, 2009 12:31 PM Flag



    I would normally post his comments but Im about out of posts today so I wont....

    Carter has previously stated that he wasn't aware of any outstanding issues that could be delaying the FDA's response to the

    Ampligen application.

    Friday, he admits that the manufacturing problems might be the holdup.

    I believe that carter is correct....its unlikely these items would prevent a response from the fda....

    With that said, the more reasonable explanation (but still a guess on my part) is that FDA informed Carter some time ago that the Ampligen clinical

    review is on hold or in some sort of regulatory limbo until the drug's manufacturing issues are resolved.

    Why Carter didn't acknowledge this back in May is a mystery to me.

    Adam totally making stuff up.....

    Anyone surprised that Carter did not mention Thursday's news about the discovery of a virus that might be the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome?

    I thought for sure he'd discuss it.

    Although the new discovery doesn't necessarily bode well for Ampligen. If you read the reports on the new virus,

    researchers are excited to try existing antiviral drugs, like those currently approved for HIV,

    to see if they can help patients with chronic fatigue syndrome.

    First the most recent hiv study was very positive.... the haart study....

    and ampligen has proven it works in the most sever cases... where the virus is most prevalent....

    arter mentioned this as a benefit of Ampligen, but what he failed to say was that under current FDA law,

    the agency must convene an advisory committee meeting to review new classes of drugs.

    So, if FDA is close to approving Ampligen, why hasn't the agency scheduled an advisory committee meeting?

    comments from the fda that I have read says this in nonsense....prove it adam.....

    This topic is deleted.
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    • sew69kid Oct 20, 2009 11:44 AM Flag

      here is what i first posted.....

      9/23/09 8:30am
      Quest Diagnostics rumored buyout

      September 22, 2009 Tue 1:05 PM CT
      Somebody apparently thinks Quest Diagnostics is headed higher. The medical-testing company experienced a sudden burst of bullish activity today as investors poured into the stock and upside calls. 4:1 bulls over bears.

      Do your DD, but you are probably safe for this one. Put a stop in so you don't take a beating should it just be a rumor. A couple of my buds are playing this one.

      They also gave me SEPR when it was 9.00 a few years ago. I traded it off and on until they got the rumor, which you can see took off and hit 60 pps in 2005 and 2006. then the news died and it took a dump. somewhere around x-mas last year the rumor mill got cranked up again, around 10.00 pps. This time, you can see it wasn't a rumor - Sumi-Med made offer and it blew up to a 52wk high of over 23.00

      This is one of those beautiful stories.

      Anyhow, you wanted something and there you go. i'll put this on my watch list and we'll see how it goes.

      Yesterday for Quest Diagnostics Inc DGX:NYSE

      this was 9/22:

      Bob the Pirahna

      i suggested to a couple of folks to try and get in around 52. $52.00 with a 52 wk high of 58.28 is 12% run in just a few days. wasn't as much as something have done, but this person wanted something i thought was safe.

    • Again, why is Adam even talking about HEB? He said the drug was snake oil and that Carter was going to withdraw the application for Ampligen.

      What up with that? Did you think we'd just forget Mr. Baldy?

    • Ignore dick sucker johnson !

    • SEW... How can you say that since Carter's been the guy to bring Ampligen to this point?

      Who cares how he looks, and sounds..

      ..this is his baby and he'll bring it home!

      BTW the stock is up .20 since WED. so the comment about the price going down when he talks isn't so accurate.

    • JJ,

      I will agree each and every line you wrote........

      and for Adam...
      manufacturing facility issues ( if even there are) they are post approval issues..

      FDA always can approve the drug can inspect the facility later and can verify facility meets all the standards...

      And there is a FDA CFS advisory committe meeting in Oct30th or first week of November..So Adam is dead wrong there as well

    • sew69kid Oct 9, 2009 2:10 PM Flag

      hey lucky,

      okay here is my bitch, carter needs to take CEO classes. he's a doctor in CEO's clothing. get a CEO who knows the game and let carter stick to the medicine. every time he talks the share price goes down. that just suggests he is not a very sauve CEO, nothing more. this happens when you have people in a capacity they are not fairly trained at. and, not all people can be a leader.

      now, go ahead and bash this. have fun, i have to go find something to trade.

    • sew, please go ahead and confess your fears and concerns to jonson in private. You know, bless me father jonson but I have sinned...I am starting to have grave doubts about all these promises being made.

      LOL, you poor dumb sap, where do they find you people anyway?

    • sew69kid Oct 9, 2009 2:01 PM Flag


      you are the little fella that needs to shave

    • sew69kid Oct 9, 2009 1:33 PM Flag

      hello john,

      i think you said this in a round about way, don't want to put words in your mouth.

      how could a CEO not know about manufacturing issues??? isn't this important to him????

      if i were the CEO of HEB, which thank gosh i'm not, i would be all over this like stink on s h i t

      this guys seems to not take this very seriously.

      • 3 Replies to sew69kid
      • sew69kid Oct 10, 2009 3:38 PM Flag

        Well Jon,

        i guess i put my mouth in gear before really listening to the call with BioMed. Did some real DD on the call. i'm wrong about Carter. Maybe he is a better CEO than I give him credit in being. Looks to me like a guy so overwhelmed with joy and happiness that he is about to explode. Looks like some little kid with a secret dying to get out, but he can't until his parents (FDA) tell him it is okay. Wanted to post this because some of the bashers, Lucky-meat-head for one was going on and on about saying it all on the board. Well jon, you know what i said in private. Now, i'm saying it on this board, i was wrong about Carter not being a CEO. Oh sure, you can find better, but this is his brain-child, he has to take it all the way to make his life complete.

        you can check the rest out here.

      • sew

        >>how could a CEO not know about manufacturing issues??? isn't this important to him????<<

        this line is from Adam Fcukenstein and is a lie.

        Carter has known about the manufacturing issues from the beginning, and has spoken about them, they are even in the 10K

        Carter has always said the NJ plant has been complete and Hollister has issued that need to be re-examined by the FDA. I noticed that AF even avoids using Hollister's name to give the impression that the "fill-n-finish" company is some roadside mom-n-pop.

    • What is so complicated.

      Carter denied he knew what was the FDA issues were.

      Now he states they have been resolved.

      Is this not clear enough for you? Carter has been lying.

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