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  • nohype88 nohype88 Nov 3, 2009 9:43 AM Flag

    sold - i see lawsuits coming

    "He didn't mistate anything."

    That is B.S. on par with Carter.

    "Monday's statement was likely crafted by Hemispherx's lawyers as a way to help CEO Bill Carter wiggle out of public statements he made in May and June claiming the Ampligen application to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to be complete. Carter insisted regulators weren't asking for any additional information on Ampligen. Carter's made these statements both before and immediately after the FDA approval decision date for Ampligen on May 25, which came and went without any word from the agency. We now know that Carter's statements were demonstrably false."

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    • are using a quote from AF???????? That is your proof????

      OMG....I need a tissue from the tears being generated from uncontrollable laughter...excuse me for a moment...LOLOLOLOLOL

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      • I'm not laughing and the majority of shareholders are not laughing. The PPS today reflects Carter's deception. This was not just less than full disclosure by Carter it was deceptive. If this was all B.S. as you suggest, then HEB would not be down nearly 15%. There were a lot of folks who did not trust Carter before this came to light. He had his defenders and that made sense. To believe in HEB, one necessarily needed to have faith in Carter. His credibility with investors has been seriously damaged at a time when his credibility is an essential support factor for the share price.

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