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  • drugexpertt drugexpertt Jan 30, 2012 6:00 PM Flag

    Sub-penny digits

    Interesting! The subpenny digits are gone from the bid and ask. It's now $0.47 X $0.49. Looks like much bigger move ahead! Tomorrow and rest of the week will be interesting, once current high $0.57 is broke, all blue sky.

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    • Marin,

      Some good news must be out there, and logically and in all probability it's to do with Chronix or FDA.

      One could see this news was around since the price didn't fall below 0.17c and HEB had short runs to 0.28c_+ and back to 0.19c establishing a bottom around that level, like runners jump starting before the gun at the start of a race kinda thing......

      When HEB was on 0.20- 0.28c range you could see the volumes rising with share price, the first indicator that news was coming ...was that one could not get 1 HEB share below 0.23c at one stage, and that is when i posted that HEB had "upside momentum"...

      With regards to how people knew any news... it's always leaked some how, unintentionally from companies...anyone... the secretaries, staff, cleaners, etc...get wind of it... they could be interpreting body language or over heard conversations etc...

    • With Stock bailing out we still have no one explaining the reason for this HEB runup.

      Did it come from institutional investors that got an insider clue to an expectation from HEB?

      Is HEB up to this?

      What do we have going on here?

    • MARIN
      LAST POST TONIGHT. To clarify your accusation of my NAME CALLING (you personally), not one of these post called you anything derogatory. I think I will pay more attention to your posts and what others are commenting on your posts. Yes, I did comment about some on this board who appear 'BRAIN DEAD or have SHET FOR BRAINS' with there imbecilic, childish comments. Hopefully you don't put your self in that class!! PEACE

    • Great loser post,Stock.

    • MARIN
      Please, this is not a THEORY. It happens daily. You just have to try and be 'ahead of the game'. Maybe some one else can enlighten you better. I don't have 'tunnel vision!!!!! . Getting tired of this conversation. GOOD LUCK!!

    • Stockroach goes to name calling when he can't defend his position.

      Sorry your HEB posts don't come accross in a sensible way.

    • MARIN
      Oh and by the way, I do not claim to be an expert but use my knowledge posting in a sensible way . In some of these posts on this board, there are those that seem to have 'SHET FOR BRAINS'. You know who you are!! PEACE.

    • But not an explanation of your frontrunning theory on this stock.

      Where did it come from?.

    • MARIN
      To answer your question I suggest you look up the meaning of 'FRONT RUNNING' in the stock market vocabulary. KNOWLEDGE is POWER for those with a SENSIBLE head on their shoulders!!! 'FRONT RUNNING' is 'FRONT RUNNING' no matter whom is guilty, being and investor who may have received INSIDE INFO
      from a principal individual whom may have illegally divulged that info. BOTH GUILTY!!! Hopefully this explanation has been an educational enlightenment for you.

    • Stock is on to something here,does anyone know if the primary force in this runup is institutional investors rather than individuals?

      Can anyone find that?

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