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  • bonesnj0 bonesnj0 Apr 29, 2013 5:53 PM Flag

    Dr lapp 50% of our patients have responded very nicely to ampligen for 25 years

    johnnyd_79902 • Apr 25, 2013 6:02 PM
    Charles Lapp Public Testimony

    Thank you for this opportunity, I'm Charles Lapp, a physician
    from Charlotte, North Carolina. I've been treating patients with
    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since 1985 and I've been using ampligen
    since 1988. My expenses today will be reimbursed by hemispheric,
    but I'm not here to speak for them, I'm here to speak for patients
    and say in the 28 years or 25 years that I've been using ampligen,
    we've had excellent success. I reviewed our records recently, and
    shows over 50% of our patients have responded very nicely to
    ampligen, and about 30% have significant improvements, which is
    sort of disconnect from the data. We chose the end point from the
    ampligen study many years ago and seem to be disconnect from the
    end point we are using to measure the effect compared to the
    patient global impression of change and the physicians global
    impression of change. We see patients who are treated with
    ampligen, who have seen remarkable improvement and return to
    gainful occupation, school and work. I guess the most important
    thick thing that I can say, two points I would make today, one is
    that in all of the years I've been administering ampligen, we have
    not had a serious side effect, not many drugs you can say that
    about. The second thing is that I think history will show that
    when a new drug is brought into a field, for example, when azt,
    was approved for Aids or interferron was approved for
    multimillionaire, many other players and FOORM suit cal houses
    that got in the field and opened up treatment of these two
    illnesses, we hope that perhaps ampligen will do that for Chronic
    Fatigue Syndrome. Thank you for your time.

    Thank you, Dr. Lapp. Less

    Yet the #$%$ at the FDA refuse to listen!

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