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  • steveluna75 steveluna75 Mar 20, 2008 12:32 PM Flag

    Why is PEG down so much?

    Rest of Utility sector seems very stable today.

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    • so you can buy 200 more shares and watch it go up 33% over the next 6 months. not to be funny but if you reinvest the dividend this is a good thing and if you look at this stock over the past 5 years it was a good move. this stock will be strong for the long haul not to watch day to day.

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      • not to be funny but if you reinvest the dividend this is a good thing and if you look at this stock over the past 5 years it was a good move. this stock will be strong for the long haul not to watch day to day.

        I couldn't agree more. I have been buying and re-ivesting for the last 7yrs. You can't go wrong on this stock in my opinion. The market as a whole is bearish so take advantage and buy now. PEG will rebound.


    • 1) As much as I liked the split (at the time) -- I find myself in complete agreement with those that felt lower prices would make PEG vulnerable to manipulation. IT HAS!
      2) Agreement - post re: analysist predictions exceeding PEG estimates -- this becomes the 'ammunition' for the manipulation.
      3) Look at the 5 day chart - red flags abound. PEG opened significantly lower (no valid reasoning) after remaining relatively immune to the previous (Monday through Wednesday) market fluxuations.
      4) Don't usually agree with Cramer but I think he 'nailed it' with this little known change in FDC short-selling (no longer requiring the 'uptick'). I would be curious as to that huge by at $39 and change (??).

      My investment plan for 2008 was monthly investments into solid companies (like PEG) that paid good dividends. I was not looking to be a 'day trader' -- I desire a good return, moderate increase in PPS. But I am 'forced' to change plans (I intend on doubling holdings first thing Monday morning - unless the stock opens signifantly higher).

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      • Yes, it sure seems tempting at these levels to double down. As long as you're not day trading, you should be fine long term. As for Kramer, I hope you didn't take his advice and hold onto Bear Stearns. He cost a lot of people a lot of money with that advice.

        Personally I don't think this stock is being manipulated because of the split. It's too highly capitalized for that. I rather see it the other way, the stock is manipulating the hedge funds. By that I mean the stock action may force hedge funds to make moves they may not want, and that may create bigger up/down swings.

        I still chuckle about the ridiculous predictions made by the split advocates. With twice as many shares, they thought they would be doubling their profits for every upward move in the price. With a $3.40 drop post-split, I hope everybody is enjoying the double loss. :) If it hadn't split, you'd only be down half as much. LOL.

        Happy Easter everybody and be careful out there.

        --The Amazing Kreskin--

    • i know that one of the salem nukes is down for an outage refit and refuel but i dont think it would have this much bearing on the stock price

    • I essence, our favorite group of people...a.k.a. the "ANALysts" estimated 22c higher than the Company's highest guidance for 2008 which obviously means the Company doesn't know what it's talking about. Therefore, since the ANALysts expect more than the company says it'll make, that means PEG is a bad investment, hense the drop....

    • Reduced earnings projection...
      "Public Service Enterprise Group Inc. shed $2.92, or 6.5 percent, to $41.65. The electric and gas utility said on Thursday it expects earnings per share between $3.05 and $3.35 in 2009, below Wall Street expectations"

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      • Today is options expiration day and I think that many are selling PEG to help cover their losses in BSC and to cover their short positions. I look for the stock to rebound in the coming weeks ahead. Also notice that CEG is down a lot. These two stocks seem tp trade in tandum. Even if the future earnings are a slight bit less than expectations, the price drop does not warrent that expectation.

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