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    • The newest video fleshed out a few points, so I replied with a few questions.

      Ken and staff,

      While we're all anxiously awaiting the PEA, the mine plan is pretty much done, and REE prices are continuing to rebound, I must ask:

      1.What is the current proposed "product"?

      2. Is it sorted and separated ore? Is it beneficiated concentrate? Is it processed TREO chemical compounds? . (You know I think that the original and simplest system is the site sale of separated ores shipped out on barges)

      3. Does the XRT sorting mitigate the overall radioactivity by eliminating higher radioactive gang?

      4. Who is the current intended destination customer/buyer for these products.

      BTW, your last interview answered all my questions about the quarrying process, so I was very happy about that. I am hoping the USDOD will now finally and quickly move to secure the Bokan resource, and mandate the money and support to open this mine.

      Have a Happy Easter, and I'll be anxious to hear from you and UCORE. Thanks for the update.

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      • I was looking at a reccomendation from Byron which someone had posted here dated April 8,2011 which he had a target price of $1.30. His evaluation was based upon 500 tons a day from 2015 and 1000 tons in 2017. In the Ken Collison interview he talks about 1,500 tons a day. If Ucore will mine three times more ore than Byron used to calculate his target price then obviously a revised target price would be much higher than $1.30.

        I am long on Ucore

    • With miner's you get used to timelines not always working out as planned. What I look for is imo, reasonable updates. In late March, Ken indicated in one of his interviews with Jeb, that the PEA would be out in the first half of April. So, I'd expect it out in the next week or so. Waiting is never fun, but some things are worth waiting for, and I suspect that this is likely to be one of those times. Take care, and Happy Easter.

    • There comes a time when you need to commit. Prices can and do change almost every day. That's the most lame excuse I've heard in a long time. The bottom line is that when a stated time is missed, it hardly promotes confidence. They originally said the PEA would be released by end of first quarter. That has passed. Remember the e-mail we then got from Byron?

      "Hi Brian
      I have been told by Ken Collison to expect the PEA around the first week of April... approximately 3 weeks from today I assume.

      Does that help?

      Byron Fillmore

      Ok, so three weeks has passed and tomorrow is the last business day of the first week of April. If the PEA isn't released tomorrow, at what point would you say "Hey guys, chit or get off the pot, or let the world know why there's no PEA to show?". Hate to remind anyone that this is a publically funded company with a supposed responsibility to the shareholders, which includes explaining why stated due dates are not met, especially when the stock is sinking by the day.

    • Someone here mentioned they could be reevaluating the rising REE prices as it would be wise to include an increased or rising price projection. That could be one reason, but I don't think they actually NEED to augment a PEA that is already strong.
      But, only time will tell.

    • Sorry...forgot that you have an inside line at Ucore, but just can't come out and say it for obvious reasons. How about we use a secret code...I'll post something, and if it's true, you reply by saying "The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain". If it isn't true, say "The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plane". Pretty slick, huh? Ok, let's give it a go...
      I'm thinking the PEA will be delayed by a month. Hmmmm...wonder what gettinricher thinks.

    • I mentioned a month or so ago that the PEA was probably going to be late, and it will (IMO), be for POSITIVE reasons. Take a chill pill,all is good. Obviously those who are selling don't have a clue. LMAO

    • Just because I buy something, it doesn't mean that I blindly sit back and tell myself that everything's just fine and dandy, which is obviously what you have done since paying 77 cents and probably more for something that's been dropping ever since. You're great at being a parrot, quoting everything that's been put into print or a video. Do you have an original thought? Didn't think so. I'm telling you that if this PEA is delayed much longer, it ain't because it contains any great news. Hope I'm wrong, but my gut tells me otherwise. Not to mention that all of the larger blocks of stock are being sold on the downside. If anything, it looks like the MM is trying to keep the price higher than it should be, which ain't a good sign either.

    • Agreed, AGREED, AGREED! They have the assets, the people, working on the backing, and clearly, the location, Location, LOCATION! As was mentioned, rare earths are NOT that rare. However, what IS rare, is having the right combination, in an accessible location. Imo, Ucore has that in spades, we'll see...

    • Quasi...with regard to Ucore, that's what I'm saying. It's hardly the most liquid stock out there. TA may have limited weight for a stock tied to a relatively stable OPERATING company with reasonable trading volume and liquidity. Note the caps. If chart anaysis really worked so well and often, everyone would be rich. If Felix's analysis was so accurate, he would already be a very wealthy individual with better things to do than to post on a public message board trying to convince five or ten people how smart he is. What he has proven to be is the answer to the world's energy dilema...a steady souurce of wind(aka hot air). Ask the Grand High Exalted Mystic Math Wiz WHEN any of these prices will manifest themselves, and listen closely for the stuttering that will precede the lack of an answer.

    • This is a long way out..unless the gov't fast tracks it

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