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  • gettinricher gettinricher Apr 25, 2012 10:14 AM Flag

    Criminal trading

    This is why I sent an email to the sec. How can they be allowed to cause a 4.6% drop on a 1000 share trade? It was almost 6% a few days ago on a 1000 share trade. Even though this is a pk. stock this kind of manipulation on the MM's part is criminal. Still awaiting the sec's responce.

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    • Let's see...perhaps someone wanted to sell at a certain price and someone wanted to buy at the same price. Believe it or not, that happens once in a while. I'm going to tell you what the SEC's response will be. They will thank you for contacting the Securities and Exchange Commission...then they'll look at your posts and quickly realize that you're taking a bath because you're clueless. They'll also note how happy you claim to be when the stock gets cheaper so you can buy more on the cheap from all the dopes who are selling their shares to you. Then they'll say, "So what's he complaining about?" Then they'll come to the conclusion that you're a nutcase just like millions of others who complain when they make bad choices. Then your complaint will get the big red CUCKOO stamp and be tossed into the circular file.

    • I really don't understand your concern. It is extremely low volume and the PPS does not reflect the worth of the company nor the potential value in the future.

      I would not get upset about this. The PPS won't move until there is solid evidence this company has the potential for growth and profit.

      I am selling this stock in 2015. By then I would expect the picture to be almost painted.

      What is your concern about the stock being manipulated? To me there is no difference if the PPS was $1 or $0.35 for right now. It is all based on speculation.

      If you are trying to make an investment without the risk of manipulation, by a stock like MMM that has high volume and the PPS really reflects the company's value on the open market.

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